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Quick Tips For Buying Used Fire Trucks From A Dealer by:Corey Matthews

Quick Tips For Buying Used Fire Trucks From A Dealer by:Corey Matthews

The world of used fire truck sales is not all that different from used car sales

. There are many hard working, honest companies out there trying to provide quality apparatus for fire departments nationwide, but the bad business practices of a few unethical dealers can greatly damage the reputation of every dealer in the industry.

When fire departments are in the market for an updated fleet of fire trucks, the two most common choices departments have is choosing whether to buy from a broker or a dealer. Both types of apparatus sellers can provide different levels of service. This article will examine the pros and cons of both types of seller, and provide a quick list of things to consider when choosing between working with a broker or dealer.

Both types of sellers are interested in finding a unit for their buyer. Listing services often have the appearance of having hundreds of units in their inventory. However, in most cases, listers don't actually "have" a single truck in inventory. As opposed to dealers, listing providers list the apparatus other used fire truck dealers ( own and charge a commission to the dealer for providing access to a sale. While brokers are interested in selling units, they don't care which unit you buy.

Another option to working with a listing service is shop for your used fire truck directly from a dealer.

Dealers buy their units directly from fire departments, cutting out the middleman and avoiding an increase in costs. Most used fire truck dealers try to find late model vehicles in their best condition and focus less on having the most units. Instead, they are more focused on having the best units for the right customers.

When you work with a dealer, ask them what they go over when they do a full service inspection of your vehicle. Do they change the filters and fluids? Check lighting systems and warning devices? Verify pump, aerial certification, and other vehicle safety systems? Even simple checks like brakes, tires, steering and more?

While listing services do appear to have the most variety in their inventory, all listing services do is take your information, pass it along to a dealer, and then collect a check for passing along your information. In order to save costs for yourself - take out the middleman cost and work with a dealer.

Below are a few questions you should answer for yourself about any type of company you are considering purchasing a used fire truck from:

1. Does your dealer personally search for and buy its entire inventory? Dealers don't simply list a truck or engine for another department - they sell the units they own themselves.

2. Do they offer any competitive warranties on the engine and transmission of their apparatus?

3. Who takes care of the lettering on the vehicle? Do you have to take the vehicle to another location to have this complete, or can the dealer do it?

4. Who takes care of delivery of the unit? Is there an additional cost?

5. If the dealer takes care of unit deliver, do they insure the until you receive it?

About the author

Corey Matthews grew up in a family of firefighters... then took another career route as a freelance writer. He is well versed in the benefits of buying used fire trucks over spending money on new models, and his auto and truck industry articles have been published on a variety of sites.
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