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Protect Your Skin-seek Sun Shade This Summer

Protect Your Skin-seek Sun Shade This Summer

To give yourself the best sun protection during the summer months it's important to seek shade between the hours of 11am and 3pm

. The best way to avoid the sun at these times is to seek shelter from a tree, sun shade, umbrella or canopy. If you don't have to be out in the sun then being indoors during these times is also the best option to keep your skin safe from harmful UV rays.

The dangerous UV rays that come from the sun cannot be seen; they also cannot be felt on the skin either. It is the infrared rays that we feel instead, which means that it is impossible to know if your skin is being burnt until it's too late. The UV rays sink deep into our skin cells and cause changes that lead to sunburn, skin aging, eye damage and skin cancer.

So seeking sun shade between the hours 11am and 3pm is important, the sun rays are at their strongest at this particular time and that is why it is recommended that you seek shelter at this time. Other variables that affect the strength of harmful rays are the time of year. The months of May to September in the UK are the highest risk, Australia November to February and any country close to the equator has strong UV rays all year round.

The altitude can affect how strong UV rays are, the higher you go the more protection and sun shade you need! Skiers and mountain climbers need to make sure that they take precautions to keep safe. Many people don't realise that days filled with cloud cover are also dangerous, the sun can still burn you and its days that you don't expect it that you may get burnt. Reflection is also dangerous, water, snow, sand, cement and shiny surfaces can all reflect eighty five percent of UV rays.

People that are most at risk of sun damage and should be particularly vigilant of seeking sun shade are those with fair skin, people with lots of moles and freckles, people with a history of sunburn, red heads, light-coloured eyes and history of skin cancer in the family. If you have any of these characteristics then make sure you avoid sun burn, by using SPF sun cream, seeking sun shade and by keeping an eye out of any changes in your skin. Skin cancer is easier to treat if it is caught earlier than later.

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Protect Your Skin-seek Sun Shade This Summer