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Prostate Problems - The Causes Of Prostate Cancer Leads To Healing

Prostate cancer (prostate cancer) is one of the leading causes of death among men older from malignant tumors and constitutes 5,6 of all tumors

. In Russia, prostate cancer is the 4th place.

Risk factors- heredity (if a man has a father or brother suffers from prostate cancer, the probability of contracting doubles), increased consumption of animal fats, low intake of vitamin E, vitamin D.

Pathological Anatomy. Almost all prostate cancers - adenocarcinomas (melkoatsinarnaya, krupnoatsinarnaya, kribroznaya, solid-Trabecular). Less record transitorial and squamous cancers. Most prostate tumors arise on the periphery of the body, only 25% of cancers in the central regions of the prostate gland. The most common (more than 90% of cases), distant metastases, bone is affected somewhat less - the soft tissue, lymph nodes, lungs, and liver.

Clinical picture The disease at the time of initial diagnosis - palpable center seal prostate (watching more than 50% of patients), dysuria, delayed or incontinence, hematuria, thamuria.

Diagnosis Early lesions of the prostate remains difficult. Physical examination. Digital rectal examination - the main method of diagnosis of prostate cancer. Only 15-40% of prostate tumors identified by digital rectal examination.

Histological examination of tissue removed during adenomectomy, only 10% of cases reveal the initial malignant growth. The remaining cases are neglected cancers; prostate cancer is often detected on clinical examination of patients with bone metastases. In cases of cancer, germinating capsule of the prostate, found increased activity of acid phosphatase.

Patients with distant metastases, this figure increased to more than 80% of cases. The activity of acid phosphatase should be determined prior to rectal examination or prostate massage, because after such procedures in the blood of a non-specific increase of this enzyme within 1-2 days. as a diagnostic marker to determine the serum prostate-specific Ag, but there may be false positive results.

The causes of prostate cancer have been studied carefully, and information on this serious disease is substantial and important. Brilliant teams of medical researchers have been many studies that provide information about the symptoms, causes, treatments and long-term effects of this disease.

Prostate cancer rarely affects men under fifty years, so that the causes of prostate cancer are related to some extent, with the aging process. The prostate is a small organ about the size of a walnut and is an important part of the male reproductive system.

Research has not determined definitively all the causes of prostate cancer, but have provided many elements for understanding the causes of this disease. This information is very important since prevention is more important than treatment.

The man will be much better if the disease can be prevented if detected early there is great potential for healing.

Seems to be a hereditary link in this disease, since evidence shows that men who have close relatives with the disease are more likely to be exposed.

Possible causes of prostate cancer, including diet and genes.

A defective gene and a diet may be causing this cancer. An inherited gene may cause in some individuals and some other high-fat diet.

Taking this information into account men should consider changes in their diet if they eat too much fat, trying to replace desserts or meat fat for lean fish (raw), fruits and vegetables.

The research done has not provided definitive information on the causes of prostate cancer but has led to tests that help you easily identify the disease since its inception. Also uncovered several treatments that work when cancer is detected early.

Usually cure prostate cancer is discovered before expanding to other organs. The research also provided some treatments to lengthen the lifetime of men who already have highly developed the disease. Researchers are still getting information about prostate cancer and are expected to soon be a cure for all men who have it.

by: Mark Clayson
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Prostate Problems - The Causes Of Prostate Cancer Leads To Healing Washington