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Prescription Drugs: Shopping Around Can Save You Money

Prescription Drugs: Shopping Around Can Save You Money

Prescription drugs are covered by most health insurance in Toronto

, but many patients are still stuck paying for high costs that their particular providers do not cover. It is important that consumers understand that there is no one price for a prescription drug. In fact, these medications are sold at different prices in various retailers. Some of the differences can be quite significant, which is why patients should shop around before filling their prescriptions. Generic drugs and discount programs are other considerations to be made when saving money on prescription drugs.

Where to Fill a Prescription

Most employee benefits in Ontario include health plans with prescription drug coverage. However, when a physician writes a prescription, this does not necessarily mean that the cost of the medication is fully covered by the patient's insurance plan. Before filling a prescription, a patient should consider calling various drugstores to compare prices. It is also helpful that the pharmacist has the patient's health insurance information in order to provide the most accurate pricing.

Many patients are under a misconception that their insurance in Ontario is only taken by large drugstore retailers. It is also worth checking into smaller businesses for prescription medication information. Not only do these companies honor various health insurance in Toronto, but their prices can also be as competitive as discount retailers.
Prescription Drugs: Shopping Around Can Save You Money

Generic Drugs

Generic drugs are cheaper than traditional prescription medications, and they can be just as effective for many health ailments. Most employee benefits in Ontario encourage the use of generic drugs because of the reduced cost. Patients who want generic forms of their prescription medications can usually ask a pharmacist before filling the order. In some cases, a physician might need to give the go-ahead before the order is filled.

Discount Programs

A discount program is something that is offered by an individual drugstore. These are primarily designed to help the elderly pay for their medications, as well as to assist patients who do not have insurance in Ontario. The rules of a discount program can vary based on the age and insurance status of a patient, so it is important that all facts are reviewed before signing up. Also, some pharmacies allow discount programs to be used in conjunction with health insurance plans in order to help patients save even more money on costly prescription drugs.

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