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Powerful Ways To Use Yahoo Answers To Generate A Huge Stream Of Targeted Traffic by:Samantha Milner

Powerful Ways To Use Yahoo Answers To Generate A Huge Stream Of Targeted Traffic by:Samantha Milner

At first glance, Yahoo Answers will seem like a playground for kids who are seeking some attention

. There are valid questions that will really tickle one's curiosity, yes. But there are those which are either frustratingly impossible or ridiculously absurd.

Then there are the answers themselves.

They range from highly informative (rarities if I may add) to absolutely mundane.

Yahoo Answers is a vanity forum, where people can earn points under their names for the questions they answer. As their points accumulate, their levels increase, and this can be a cause for some digital pride. Because of this, most participants adhere to one simple game plan: "quantity over quality." Answering 100 questions with mediocre answers has a better chance of gaining more points than answering 5 questions with well-researched, well-written replies.

Why am I telling you this?

Simply put, it's the way things are over at Yahoo Answers. I doubt if we can change that. But, we can surely use it to our advantage as online businessmen.

Why Is Yahoo Answers An Attractive Focus For Internet Marketers?

Do consider the following benefits that Yahoo Answers currently enjoys:

Search engines love Yahoo Answers. Its pages appear prominently well in relevant search engine results.

Yahoo Answers has dedicated traffic, even without the benefit of search engines. Almost 2 million questions, at the average, are posted every month. Almost 7 million answers, at the average, are left by the members within the same period. These are serious, serious numbers worth considering.

Yahoo Answers is primed for the future. With the advent of Web 2.0 and user-driven content, Yahoo Answers is guaranteed a place in what many believe as the next stage in the ever changing landscape of the online world.

What Do These Features Mean For You, The Internet Marketer?

Since search engines love Yahoo Answers, you can benefit from this fact by leaving links to your website on its pages. This will work for you in two ways:

1. You will get direct visitors, those who will see Yahoo Answers' page, and see your link from there.

2. You will get a substantial back link in a web page that is highly regarded by search engines. This will mean a higher search engine position for your website.

Likewise, given the number of people who frequent Yahoo Answers, you are sure to generate direct traffic from its pages as well. Surely, with the millions of users who browse Yahoo Answers on a daily basis, there will be many who'll belong to your target market.

Also, Yahoo Answers is a great venue where you can brand yourself and your business as an expert in your field. Yahoo Answers is visited by many, many people, and by publishing noteworthy answers, these internet users will quickly view you as a highly credible player in your chosen industry.

In all cases, do avoid publishing answers that can be considered as spam, such as copy-pasting the very same reply on every question that is relevant to the subject of your website. Publishing spam will have your account deleted.

About the author

Samantha Milner is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and the author of The Ultimate Yahoo Answers Guide:

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