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Powerful List Building With Squeeze Page 'Black Belt' Writing by:Taylor Hutchison-Brown

Powerful List Building With Squeeze Page 'Black Belt' Writing by:Taylor Hutchison-Brown

As the name suggests, squeeze page is all about squeezing visitors who come to your web page to join your opt in list

. An effective, well designed and well written squeeze page has the potential to convert a huge percentage of website visitors to prospective customers by making them opt for the email subscriber list.

One of the best methods of doing this would be to provide visitors with promise of an excellent offer or incentive and then asking them for their email Ids before they can enter your website to go through the details of the offer. There are people who ask if this will not send away genuine buyers. Think again. A person who is not trusting enough to provide you with his/her email ID even for a free gift, he or she is not surely going to pull out their credit card to make a purchase.

This method will definitely provide you with at least a 50 percent conversion rate increasing your sales to a great extent. The aim of the squeeze page therefore is primarily to collect as many names and email Ids as possible from targeted visitors.

Squeeze page black belt writing is all about writing effective and interesting sales pages which is sure to squeeze visitors to reach out for your association. Here are a few interesting tips for writing powerful squeeze pages.

A sales page that does not have a flow of thought is jarring to the nerves. It is important to lead your visitor from one step to another and not make them feel as if they are being thrown from a cliff. It is therefore important to ensure your page flows in the most fluent and smooth manner. This can be done by proof reading more than a couple of times before publishing it.

Imagine you are the fertilizer which is going to make your soil fertile and make your plants grow faster. Throw in effective fertilizers all over the content. These include links and button such as 'buy now', 'sign me up' and 'join now'. Another place where you can strongly call for action in a squeeze page is the 'p.s. Use this in the most effective manner driving your visitor to take action immediately.

Provide readers with a one-time offer that will have them rushing in to take advantage. Tell them that unless they reach out for the unique offer right now, they will miss out on a wonderful opportunity.

Another method is to raise the price of the product very five or ten sales. This will compel and push the prospects to make a purchase before the next price rise.

Your visitors will trust you more if you can put up a picture of yourself on the site. This gives them a feeling that they are not talking to a machine and they can put a face to the person they are communicating with.

Following these few steps is the best way to make the most out of your squeeze page. While writing the squeeze page, also remember to include a powerful headline, a lot of facts listed out with bullet points and also a form for subscription. For more effect, it is possible to include an audio or video message along with a few testimonials.There are a lot of courses offered online by marketing leaders on how best to go about writing a squeeze page for maximum results. You can register with one of these courses to learn how to write squeeze page black belt writing to make a lot of money.

They all teach you how to write precise and clear pages with the perspective of the reader in mind. They teach you how effectively to write punch headlines that tell you all about the product in a glance. They also tell you how effectively you can list out the features and benefits of your product with the help of bullets in order to convince your prospects that your product has the potential to solve their problems immediately.

They will also teach you compelling words you can use to make an offer readers just cannot refuse. These courses teach you how to design a subscription form that is user friendly.

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Taylor Hutchison-Brown is an Internet Marketer who loves to share his knowledge, skills and experience. If you would like to learn more about Squeeze Page "Black Belt" Writing or other Internet Money Making principles, strategies and resources as well as tips on monetizing your online business visit "" now!

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