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Porsche Club Boasts Most Wins In Indy by:David Matthews

Porsche Club Boasts Most Wins In Indy by:David Matthews

Rotary, Kiwanis, Bridge, Golfing--There are many kinds of clubs a person could join in Indianapolis

. Porsche club? That doesn't necessarily make my short list, but the Central Indiana Region Porsche Club of America (CIRPCA) is alive, well, and rich with history.

The CIRPCA did not simply start out of thin air. Enthusiastic sportscar owners have enjoyed Porsches throughout central Indiana for decades. Beginning in the mid-1950s, several Porsches could be found on the streets of Indianapolis. In fact, the closest dealership was over a hundred miles away in Illinois. Following the inception of the national organization, the Chicago-Milwaukee region was split in two, which encouraged central Hoosier owners to travel to Chicago for events. In 1961, following two meetings to establish interest among owners and meet the various criteria for membership, the charter was granted for the CIRPCA. These criteria included the election of officers, writing of the by-laws, setting of boundaries, and the choice of a name for the region.

By 1973, the membership had grown phenomenally. The time had come to establish an award to recognize the participation of those members. CIRPCA instituted the Alton Dice Award, named for a Peru (less than two hours from Indianapolis) Porsche owner and member of CIRPCA. Alton Dice had suffered a fatal heart attack moments before a club event had begun. The award is a sort of "Member of the Year" travelling trophy.

The group has been very active and community-minded since it's charter was established. Lilly Motor Club, a similar more broadly based organization, invited CIRPCA members to participate in a rally to support the Indiana School for the Blind. For over 40 years, CIRPCA has participated in this event, off and on, as needed by the Motor Club. In the rally, blind students rode with CIRPCA members and acted as navigators. As Indianapolis has been known for racing, the impact of the CIRPCA has been notable.
Porsche Club Boasts Most Wins In Indy by:David Matthews

When Porsche entered the Indianapolis 500 in the 80s, the CIRPCA was there to host an event and increase the community's awareness about the group and their passion for the make of the automobile. Many of the Porsche owners had been racing their own for three decades before the first Porsche entered the 500. Both in multiple manufacturers races and in Porsche-only races, members of the CIRPCA held winning streaks, which is why they are considered the "winningest" motor club in all of Central Indiana.

Five of the original charter members maintained their membership throughout the group's nearly fifty years of establishment. Some passed on, some moved on, but nearly all remained loyal to the vehicle that made them such passionate driver-owners. However, as the climate for automobiles constantly changes, as manufacturers close their doors with or without a bailout, the presence of such a motor club may be hard to find. But, as long as there are passionate Indianapolis Porsche owners, the club will carry on. Legislation may limit older cars from driving on the roads, but the Porsche will always ride on in the hearts of its biggest, Midwestern fans.

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