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Popup Santa - Kids Christmas Make by:S. Roberts

Popup Santa - Kids Christmas Make by:S. Roberts

Watch as Santa Claus pops out of the chimney pot

. But don't get him stuck because if he catches you he won't bring you any Christmas presents.

To make a popup Santa you will need - 2 loo-roll tubes. One needs to be slightly bigger than the other, so that one can easily slide up and down inside the other tube.

The larger tube is the chimney pot. Cover this tube in paper or paint to look like a chimney pot.

The smaller tube is Father Christmas. Stick on paper or paint this tube to look like Santa Claus. Give him a long white beard and a bright red coat.

Stick on a strip of red paper around the top of the tube so that the paper over hangs the tube. Scrunch the top edge of the paper to form Santa's hat. Stick a cotton wool ball on the top to finish it off. The glue helps to keep the scrunched up edge nicely in place.

Cut out two thin strips of card. Stick them on the side of Santa to make his arms. The turn over you make to stick on the arms acts as a hinge later. Santa's arms will pop out of the chimney as Santa appears.

When Santa is complete and the glue or paint is dry, cover Santa in sticky clear book protector or clear selotape. This reduces friction as Santa slips up and down inside the chimney.

Put Santa inside the chimney. Put your fingers up inside the chimney to mover Santa up and down so that he appears to POP out of the chimney.

Popup Santa is great for 'doing' the actions to the song 'When Santa got stuck up the chimney'

When Santa got stuck up the chimney,

He began to shout,

"You girls and boys won't get any toys,

If you don't pull me out!

My beard is black,

There's soot in my sack,

My nose is tickling too"

When Santa go stuck up the chimney,

Achoo Achoo Achoo!

About the author

S. Roberts is one of Santa's little elves who writes for the Christmas website when Santa write FREE Letters to children. If you publish this article please link back to - Thanks
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Popup Santa - Kids Christmas Make by:S. Roberts