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PMPs studying to obtain online pdu credits

PMPs studying to obtain online pdu credits

PMPs studying to obtain online pdu credits

For those PMPs studying to obtain online pdu credits, it is critical to understand change control. The below excerpt is a good example of content related to change control when earning pdu pmi hours.

For the project team, the change control process is made up of a series of managing activities. These activities may include some or all of the following:

- Influencing the factors that help mitigate the number of change requests and only implement approved changes

- Reviewing, analyzing, and approving change requests promptly to avoid unnecessary project delays

- Managing the approved changes

- Maintaining the baseline's integrity by only implementing those approved changes into the Project Management Plan and any other project document

- Reviewing all recommendations for corrective and preventive actions and approving or rejecting those recommendations

- Coordinating the changes throughout the whole project

- Documenting the effects of the change requests

Anyone involved in the project may originate change requests. The Project Management Plan should explain the change control process, including how to document and process verbal requests. All change requests should be reviewed and either approved or declined. The project manager is usually given some authority on approving or declining certain types of change requests. Other types of change may require review from a special board. This system of change approval will depend greatly on the organizational process assets. Online pdu courses should provide an example of this.

Once a change is approved, the project manager may need to revise cost estimates, activity sequencing, dates, resource requirements, and analysis of risk alternatives. Furthermore, the project manager may need to change the Project Management Plan and other project documents. The depth and complexity of the change will dictate the effect of change on the project. When earning pdu pmi credits, be sure you can explain this concept.

Developing a configuration management system within the integrated change control activity is a way to provide a standardized method of efficiently and effectively managing approved changes to the project's baselines. The following goals are desired:

- Provide a way to identify change, request change, and assess the value of change

- Create opportunities to improve the project through approved changes

- Establish a consistent communication system to report all approved and declined changes to all the project stakeholders

Here are the basic activities that comprise the configuration management process:

Configuration identification Establishes the criteria for initiating a change request by providing the following:

- Standards for identification of the item to be changed

- Standard for describing the change needed

- Standard change document

- Point of contact to receive change request

- Predetermined change management process outlined
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