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Pin the Red Nose on Rudolf Christmas Party Game by:S. Roberts

This is a simple children's Christmas party game

. I deal for young children due to the simple rules and it's all round good fun.

Preparing the game

Draw a large reindeer to pin on the wall or to stick to a table. Try not to leave indented drawing lines on the paper, we don't want any cheating!

Make a red nose and cut it out. Or you could paint a Ping-Pong ball red and use that for Rudolf's nose. Stick some blue tack on the back of the nose so that it easily sticks to the large reindeer drawing.

How to play

Blindfold your first contestant with a scarf. Give them the nose and then turn them round 3 times and then guide them to the reindeer picture.

The contestant must then stick the nose on where they think Rudolf's nose should be in the picture whilst still blindfolded.

Once the nose is stuck in place, the contestant can remove their blindfold to see the result. The referee should mark the spot with a small 'x' and then label it with the contestant's name. Blindfold the next contestant to repeat the process.

Once everyone has taken a turn, the winner is the contestant whose 'x' is closest to the correct place for Rudolf's bright red nose.

Download a printable Rudolf at

About the author

S. Roberts is one of Santa's little Helpers. She is always busy working on Santa's new website at where Santa writes FREE letters to children. If you would like to make the printable Rudolf available on your website, please save it to your server do NOT hotlink image is here If you use this article Please link back to guest:  register | login | search     IP( District Of Columbia / Washington Processed in 0.015603 second(s), 6 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 22 , 2044, 956,
Pin the Red Nose on Rudolf Christmas Party Game by:S. Roberts Washington