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Personalize Brake Lights To Get Attention

Personalize Brake Lights To Get Attention

Individuality can come in many forms when it comes to automobiles

. Drivers can opt for custom paint jobs, engine enhancements, decals, and more are just a small piece of this seemingly endless iceberg. Brake lights are one more aspect that can be customized in order to fit the individual driver's tastes. Personalizing brake lights for a vehicle can take the form of covers providing images, LED messages or formed decals just to name a few.

For the same reasons drivers adhere bumper stickers to vehicles near their lights, custom brake lights offer more as they are illuminated. Seen day or night, custom brake lights easily grab the attention of following drivers. While most of these could be used to show support for local sports teams, others can be used to promote advertising or make personal statements of what kind of a day the driver is having. Emblems, icons and more can be added to the driver's vehicle to give it an illuminated flare of individuality.

Customized Brake Light Covers

Covers for brake lights can be created by blocking out the light in a way that creates an image. Only the image will be illuminated as the surrounding area is darkened out. Manufacturers of brake light covers need to be conscious of legalities of certain states when creating covers. Most states will allow this practice as long as the luminosity of the light is not decreased or otherwise dimmed from the cover. As for installation, replacing a brake light cover is easier than replacing brake pads and requires few tools to accomplish. However, one needs to be careful when removing the rubberized seal around the cover. Damage to this may cause troubles later on if water were to touch the bulbs. Weathering could also play a factor in light and wiring damage should care not be taken.Personalize Brake Lights To Get Attention

LED Messages as a Third Brake Light

Although mounting a third brake light to be used as a LED message requires more work than other methods, the messages can be tailored to fit the driver and/or the vehicle. Some of these can take the form of LED strips that stretch from fender-to-fender providing longer messages. As most of these are programmable, one is able to tell the driver's behind him or her a message of the day. LED message bars are more idealistic for it wanes from state legality issues because the main brake lights are not altered in any fashion.

Adhesive Decals for Brake Light Covers

Vinyl decals can be cut to make patterns or images to lay over the brake light cover. Decals are simply cut to allow light to pass through emphasized areas to make statements or provide images. These are ideal for the middle or third brake light as many states frown on, or otherwise make illegal, modifications to the luminosity provided by brake and head lights. The decals themselves are easy to put on and require no background in car repair in order to attach them. However, one will want to research his or her local laws about brake light cover alterations, as some areas do not allow.

by: Tom Burns
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Personalize Brake Lights To Get Attention