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Personal Accident Insurance In Dubai

Personal Accident Insurance In Dubai

A personal accident policy covers individuals against bodily injuries

, resulting from accidents caused by certain external events, which may result in permanent disablement or death. Personal accident insurance in Dubai compensates you for such unforeseen incidents.

The extended scale of benefits available through a personal accident policy in Dubai can be confusing as certain activities are not covered by most insurance companies in Dubai. Listed below is a general overview of personal accident insurance covers offered and activities excluded by insurance companies in Dubai:

1.Hazardous activities, which may include the following activities are excluded from personal accident policies:

Aqua-lung diving
Personal Accident Insurance In Dubai

Flying or other aerial activity, as pilot or crew

Football, excluding association football (soccer) as an "amateur"

Hunting, racing, and any competition on horseback

Ice Hockey

Motor competitions including motorcycling

Mountaineering, pot-holing, power-boating

Racing in dinghies or while swimming

Using woodworking machinery

Water ski-jumping and tricks

Winter sports, excluding curling or skating

Wrestling, boxing, judo, karate, or any form of unarmed combat, and


2.All personal accident insurance policies have age limits and usually cover individuals between the ages of 18 to 65 years. However, if the accident policy is for a person outside this age bracket, insurance companies can be contacted to make special arrangements to customise policies.

3.Certain pre-existing medical conditions and diseases have to be mandatorily declared while obtaining a policy. Concealing any health conditions or diseases may only lead to claims complications.

4.Insurance companies will exclude any claim arising out of pregnancy miscarriage, abortion or childbirth.

5.Events like war and terrorist attacks are excluded under the terms and conditions of all personal accident insurance policies.

Accidents often occur when they are least expected and the added cost implications can adversely affect the victim and their dependants. A personal accident insurance can therefore evade unwanted stress during such unforeseen events.

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Personal Accident Insurance In Dubai