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Periodontitis Treatment Cures Inflammation Of Gums

The early symptoms include inflammation or infection of gums whereby gums appear swollen

, tender, red and purplish in color. Swollen gums that appear shiny are the first symptom of Periodontitis treatment. Infected gums bleed easily, even on gentle brushing. They are tender to touch but do not cause any pain at all. Teeth seem to become loose and bad odor fills the mouth at frequent intervals. All these symptoms are enough to show that the person is suffering from Periodontitis gum disease.

The preliminary stage of infection resembles gingivitis but the infection spreads from gums to ligaments and bone, supporting the tooth. The tooth starts loosening due to loosened ligaments. This is followed by fall-out of tooth, eventually. Periodontitis treatment is one of the main causes of tooth fall-out. It develops in teenage and prolongs till adult to make a dreadful effect on the gums and tooth. Plaque and tartar accumulate at the base of teeth and leads to development of pocket between gums and teeth.

It is said that Prevention is better than cure and it holds true in the case of Periodontitis. The treatments are available as per the severity of infection. The very first step involves removal of tartar and plaque from the surface of infection. When the infected part is removed then root planning promotes root reconnection with their respective tooth. This way the pocket between the gums and tooth is greatly reduced and tooth connection is promoted.

In advanced stages, flap surgery is recommended whereby; the specialists lift back the infected gums to remove tartar and diseased tissue from the root level. This way the diseased part of the root is removed and soft tissue grafts augments gums.

In extreme cases dentists go for bone surgery to reshape the bone near the infected tooth to make it harder for bacteria to grow again.

In all the above cases, the infected area is cleaned for no future infection. However, it is extremely necessary that patient should take proper oral care to stay away from further infections. Otherwise, the second surgery may prove to be lethal as well.

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Periodontitis Treatment Cures Inflammation Of Gums