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Paul Tudor Jones Is an Exceptional Trader

Paul Tudor Jones Is an Exceptional Trader

Paul Tudor Jones Is an Exceptional Trader

An early brief history

Paul Tudor Jones was born in Memphis, Tennessee, the year was 1954. For elementary school, he attended Presbyterian Day School in Memphis. He then went on to Memphis University School for high school, and ultimately the University of Virginia, where he earned a degree in economics in 1976. Interesting enough, also in 1976, he became a welterweight boxing champion. About this time, he started working as a clerk on the trading floors, and became a broker for E.F. Hutton. Jones started trading on his own in 1980.

The founding of his investment corporation

In 1980, Jones founded Tudor Investment Corporation, headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut. To this day, it is a leading asset management firm, involved in trading, investing, and financial research. This includes the commodity markets. Jones really made it big time, with superb analysis, he predicted Black Monday in 1987. This one event alone tripled his money, due to extremely large short positions. His firm currently manages nearly $20 billion dollars, and is very successful.

Amazing success over a long period of time

Paul Tudor Jones is widely considered one of the best traders of all time. He has been remarkable in his consistency for decades. His estimated net worth is well over $6 billion dollars. This makes him one of the wealthiest people in the world. Obviously, his trading philosophy is solid, and his trading principles are right on. In the next few paragraphs, we will examine some of the reasons why Jones is so successful.

The trading philosophy of a winner

Paul Tudor Jones has been a winner at pretty much everything he has ever tried. This includes his astonishing success in the world of trading. His trading style, and belief system are summarized as follows:

1. He believes to some extent, you have to be a contrarian, to be a successful trader. This makes sense, because the markets are set up to fool most of the people most of the time. Following the crowd can be a recipe for disaster.

2. Never over-trade. As he puts it, you should never play macho man with the market. Jones considers risk control as the most importantcomponent in trading.

3. You must be very disciplined, and consider trading a serious business. The very best traders and investors are serious, anddisciplined, in their approach to trading.

4. He considers himself an opportunist. He will develop an idea on a certain market, then pursue it in a way that is low risk.

5. He is a trend follower. Jones will only enter a market, when it moves enough in the direction he will be trading. I consider trendfollowing to be the best trading method.

A great secret

On Monday, October 19, 1987, the market crashed big time. It went down 508 points, or 22.61%. Paul Tudor Jones made an absolute killing that day, and tripled his money, due to large short positions. How did he do it? The answer is, proper implementation of technical analysis. The previous Friday was a record volume day on the downside. The exact same thing happened two days before a major crash in 1929. The secret is, proper price and volume analysis can make you a fortune.

In summary

Paul Tudor Jones has a track record that proves he is one of the best traders ever. Much can be learned by studying the strategies, methods, and principles of the world's best traders and investors. Like most elite traders, Jones stresses the importance of risk control. This is the essence of his trading style and success. His motto is, play great defense. I totally agree.
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Paul Tudor Jones Is an Exceptional Trader