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Parenting advice whilst you listen online!

Parenting advice whilst you listen online!

As a new Mum I scoured every magazine and newspaper for parenting advice. I was convinced I was doing everything wrong, I mean why do newborn babies cry? Did my daughter not realise how loved and cherished she was? I bathed her, fed her, cuddled her and all I got back were tears and howls - and I mean howls. How ungrateful is that?

The husband and I had got ready for her arrival with eager anticipation, the nursery was colour co-ordinated, the car had been upgraded, the living room walls scrubbed and the dog bathed.

We had bags packed, including outfit changes and snacks for Dad. Oh and a handmade sign reading "MUM IN LABOUR" to put in the car windscreen in case we had to screech to a halt in front of the local hospital. Well, we wouldn't want to get the car clamped.

All this planning went out of the window with her joyous arrival.

She cried, we cried, we thought our liives would never be the same again and I found myself looking at my crisp, white bed linen longingly.

I no longer had time to scour the once well-thumbed magazines looking for parenting advice. But one day I stumbled across a link to listen to radio online, it was a station aimed at me!

Could this be the answer to my prayers?

Now, I'm not a woman who knows much about technology, take a look at my brick-like mobile phone and you'll know what I mean.

The idea of having to listen to radio online was new to me but with trepidation I did and I found my saviour in My Baby Radio, a station for families and new parents.

I was able to relate to the presenters and find invaluable advice on treating a temperature and soothing a teething baby.

Not only did I learn about the changing roles of parenting but I've also become more media savvy. Who'd have thought how far that old radio - which was such a unique invention- would come.

The old image of grandparents huddled around it to get news from afar or listen to a concert or for children to hear a much loved programme seems to be confined to the past.

How would those grandparents feel knowing you can now listen to radio online practically anywhere? You can even catch up with it on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, not to mention get free downlaodable apps for all the apple gadgets etc.

I suppose just like my parenting skills, things evolve!

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