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Parent Advice- Give Your Children the Best Training

Parent Advice- Give Your Children the Best Training

Parent Advice- Give Your Children the Best Training

Children need special treatment from parents. It is never too early to start teaching your children everything they should know about money. You can start by giving them an allowance based on chores they do. You can decide to appreciate them when they assist you in preparing meals, setting dinning table, when they keep their room clean or when they are courteous to people. You start by telling them the chores to do and how to do it well. You can inform them of the goodies they will enjoy if they do the job well. The amount can be varied based on their age, capability and efficiency.

We actually decide to do some chores with kids and add allowance or gift to it. They should be informed of the gift or amount of money they will get if they do the work well and the amount that will be deducted if they fail to complete the job within a stipulated time. Helping out with the house chores is part of being a family member; chores assigned to children teach them the value of work in the house, they are giving less work during the school year because of their studies and more work during the holiday which will definitely make us to increase the allowance they get for all works they do perfectly well during this period.

Families handle chores in different ways, each family with the system that works for their children; no one wants to spend all day harassing and shouting on kids to get their school work or house chores done. Giving children work gives them a sense of purpose, accomplishment and also prepares them for life; it teaches them the importance of working together as a team. Kids are never too young to start doing work that is appropriate to their age, they will gladly do the work when they know they will be rewarded.

Telling children to clean their room and compound is part of parenting guide. Children differ and what works with one may not work with another. Some children know they should keep their room clean every time while some do not care if their room is dirty or smelling. Rewards and punishment work for some children while some children are punished daily for the same offense.

These guides can be used to make the job easier for them.

Break down the chores into different areas. They can be guided to first pick up all the books on the floor and arrange them in the shelf or on the table. They should ensure their clothes are folded neatly in a pile. Game can be made out of cleaning; set a time for everything they want to do and reward effectiveness and efficiency. Setting rewards and punishment can make the work done, but encouraging your children to learn how to clean mess on time without any directive is the key to success.

Some parents do not add value to money and just give it out to the children without attaching any purpose to it. The children should be made to understand and appreciate the act of obedience, hard work and seriousness. However, if you do not like to give your kids house chores, it is still better you start teaching them how they can earn money through task accomplishment. Either you give them money after performing a task or you give them without any special attachment, teach them how to spend money wisely; this will give them the knowledge of wealth creation through little income.
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