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Painless Root Canal Treatment-way To Healthy Teeth

The ultimate goal is to improve the condition of damaged roots for healthy teeth

. The basic treatment includes removal of root canals from a small opening in the crown. The next step is cleaning and disinfecting for healthy teeth.

Root canal treatment is the ultimate step to remove infected portion of the canal and provide a healthy teeth to patient.

Treatment: Root canal therapy is completed within two visits only. The tooth and nearby space is numbed so that there is no pain during treatment. A small opening is made into the diseased tooth. All the decayed and existing filling is removed. The next step involves removal of unhealthy pulp with tiny flexible files. The procedure of removal of pulp takes quite a long time and has to be completed within one sitting. The up and down movement of files removes all the infected pulp from the root canal so that there is practically nothing left for further infection. The root canal is smoothened to disinfect them and prepare them for filling.

After cleaning the inside of the tooth, the hole is filled with an inert material so that there is no further infection after the removal of infected material.

Root canal consists of pulp and extends the underlying bone. This pulp provides nourishment to the tooth through tiny blood vessels and nerves. Blood vessels play the role of carrying nutrients and nerves carry sensory feeling towards tooth. Tiny ligaments are attached to roots from where bone holds the tooth. The root tips have small entries which allow the pulp tissue to enter and exit through openings at the root-tips.

Root canal therapy requires perfect dental care treatment wherein the dentists provide complete attention for all the sittings as required. The process starts with first visit to renowned dentist and getting the tooth examined. Generally if the infection is beyond control, then only the dentists refer to such measures. The dentists start asking you few questions and decide upon the therapy based on the answers provided by the patient. Dental care center takes proper care of their patients pre and post operation and make the patient feel contented.

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Painless Root Canal Treatment-way To Healthy Teeth