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Owl City Tickets - Hello, Nobody, You're A Billboard Star

Owl City Tickets - Hello, Nobody, You're A Billboard Star

Like many other acts these days, Owl City first gained fame through his social media pages

. The MySpace junkie was a hit on the media website as he found himself sleepless in his parents' basement, and instantly became a musical sensation that turned his poppy, electro hits into chart toppers.

Now, Owl City, otherwise known as Minneapolis-born Adam Young, is a hit on Billboard and has gained MTV style attention when he was dubiously snubbed during this year's "New Artist" Grammy nominations ceremony. Ocean Eyes is his third effort and is supported by Mae. His tour includes several additional musicians to get the big band sound featured on the album. The dreamy, sugary buzz that comes from Owl City is sure to make Owl City tickets online sell quickly, so don't miss it.

The small town star still isn't quite prepared for the inevitable success that is scheduled to come with a number seven Billboard Hot 100 single, as it sits pretty alongside Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. The hit "Fireflies" is the latest to appear from the Universal Republic produced Ocean Eyes, a fluttery tune that can be heard on alternative, pop, top hits and classic radio stations all over the country.

Selling out his first headlining tour as he trades in his national tour for an international one (hitting China and Japan), his new taste with fame is appetizing. "Yeah, it's fairly unbelievable, not to mention breathtaking, dreamlike, surprising, mind-blowing, bizarre, and phantasmagorical too. The past six months have been nothing but a colorful, brilliant tour," he said to MTV News via email.

The color keeps attracting new fans to the star, who won't be caught in the latest tabloid magazine any time soon as he doesn't do on-camera interviews. The basement buddy is impressed with the response and couldn't be more excited to move toward new sugary filled Owl City chapters. "I'm so thankful for being allowed to do what I do. I'm a silly shy boy from the middle of nowhere. I have the worst sense of direction imaginable...I'm a total nobody. I spill coffee all over myself. I am so undeserving," he continues with MTV.

And while the upbeat melodies displayed over tracks like "Strawberry Avalanche," "Hot Air Balloon" and "On the Wing" are potentially uplifting upon first listen, the self-penned lyrics are deceiving depressing.

Comparing himself to JRR Tolkien, his music came out of sheer boredom and a desired approach to new styles of music - "I wrote for my own ears," he said. The first hits, "Hello Seattle" and "Rainbow Veins," originally appeared on MySpace and after just a few short months earned him six million plays and a record deal.

The tunes, which were some of the fastest growing unsigned tracks on the social media website, were recorded on his parents' computer and makeshift instruments found around the house. The first album, Maybe I'm Dreaming, was released in March 2008 with CD Baby and featured the singles "West Coast Friendship," "I'll Meet you There," "Rainbow Veins," and "Sky Diver." Next came Of June in December that same year, with seven hits like the ever popular "Hello Seattle" and "Captains and Cruise Ships."

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