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Over The Counter Meds To Alleviate Back Pain: How Effective Are They?

Over The Counter Meds To Alleviate Back Pain: How Effective Are They?

It is often argued that over the counter (OTC) treatments are the best remedy for back ailments

. Acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS are the two most common OTC drugs used for back pain. However, the issue remains as to whether they represent the most useful way to achieve enduring help with back discomfort.

Pain is sent to our brain as a signal that our body then reacts to. Acetaminophen stops the pain by going to work on the areas of the brain that receive those signals. In contrast, NSAIDs function by reducing prostaglandins which irritate nerve endings when pain messages are in effect. NSAIDs also provide an anti-inflammatory component which can help with the flare ups of back pain. They are a good option for relieving pain, especially when it is related to an injury of the muscle.

While it is true that these over the counter remedies do not result in addiction the way prescription drugs can, it is important to note that they sometimes introduce side effects when taken for long periods of time or at incorrect dosages. Read the label on your OTC medication and be sure to follow its directions.

Is it safe to use OTC meds to treat your back pain? Generally speaking, they are quite safe when used wisely in order to manage the first signs of pain resulting from an injury event or a strained back. But remember that you should consult with a medical professional about any injury, especially if you find that you are increasing your doses of OTC drugs or taking them more frequently. To properly treat back pain and any underlying problems that may be associated with it, it is of the utmost importance that you see a doctor for proper diagnosis.

Taking medicines of any kind, whether prescription drugs or over the counter remedies, is something that should not be taken lightly. If you are not getting pain relief from a certain medication, you should stop using it as opposed to using more of it. Always follow the prescribed directions. At that point, you really need to consult with a physician.

by: Kevin Rudick.
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Over The Counter Meds To Alleviate Back Pain: How Effective Are They?