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Online PR – How to measure the outreach of your Facebook fanpage

Online PR How to measure the outreach of your Facebook fanpage

Increasingly brands, from household names to start-ups, are exploring social media and online PR. Usually the most obvious place to start for those new to online PR is Facebook. Establishing a commercial presence on Facebook by running a company fanpage, can be a great brand awareness exercise, as well as indirectly increasing financial ROI.

However, you will want to be able to measure the success of your activity, not only to evaluate your work but also to help you establish what works and what doesn't.

The first and most obvious sign of success is the number of fans who actively like' your page. It is possible that with some really interesting and on-brand content you may experience rapid growth in the number of fans initially. Likewise if you run a competition or a giveaway, it is likely you will see a spike' in the number of fans of your page. After you are established, a healthy fan growth is a monthly increase of around 3-5 %.

However, although the number of fans is useful as a quick insight into the success of your page, it is important not to get too het up on this - focus on quality rather than quantity. Quality' in social media means the level of engagement your fans are having with your page and with your brand. There are various ways to measure this engagement:

On each daily update you do, the number of Facebook comments and likes you receive from your fans, can be a good way of working out the type of content they respond well to.

Facebook insights can tell you exactly how many views your Facebook page had received on any given day. Spikes' on the graph are very handy for working out which updates went down well with your fans.

Facebook Insights also allows you to see a breakdown of your fans' demographics according to the information on their profiles. This can be invaluable in establishing the key personas' of your fans and directing your content accordingly.

Google Analytics is an invaluable tool for keeping track of the traffic driven to your website through your Facebook page. A good tip is to use the same period of time from the previous year as a benchmark for comparison.

Keep an eye on the fanpages of your competitors knowing their successes and failures can help you improve the strategy for your own brand.

In online PR successful Facebook pages are notoriously hard to quantify. However, these methods will certainly help you to analyse your content and adapt your strategy continuously. This ability to adapt is essential to being successful with online PR activity. guest:  register | login | search     IP( District Of Columbia / Washington Processed in 0.017659 second(s), 6 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 20 , 2740, 973,
Online PR – How to measure the outreach of your Facebook fanpage Washington