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Online MLM Secrets - What Are They? And How to Use Them Effectively

Online MLM Secrets - What Are They? And How to Use Them Effectively

Online MLM Secrets - What Are They? And How to Use Them Effectively

If it is a secret you are not suppose to tell anyone, right?...well this is just the opposite. If you want to be successful and you want to be a leader and teacher for your downline you need to know about these online MLM secrets.

Online MLM Secret #1

Do not tell anyone what MLM opportunity you are in.

Before you say this guy is crazy let me explain. Of course if someone wants to know what business you are in you certainly tell them. We are going to discuss more online MLM secrets later in the article and when all put together this will make more sense. One main reason you just don't jump in and tell them is because if you do they will just go to the companies created website and probably leave. You will have become just like everybody else out there, just a salesman.

This online MLM secret shows you that this is a building process. You will build and take certain steps at the right time and then you can share your MLM opportunity with them.

Online MLM Secret #2

Establish your target market.

It is not a shock to us that everybody is not interested in the MLM business. Only about 3% that joined an opportunity stayed with it. That means for that your target market is the 97% of prospects that joined and are out of ideas on how to build their MLM business. These are the ones that are truly interested in how you can teach them about driving prospects to their own business.

The "old school" of prospecting is giving way to the new. This online MLM secret shows that the internet is the way to market your business. Let's look at another secret that will help show us the next step in our process.

Online MLM Secret #3

Create a system that will capture more leads.

This online MLM secret is made up of three parts.

Drive prospects to you

Capture prospects information

Convert prospects into leads

So one of the things you can do to drive prospects to you is write articles just like this. Make sure the content is informative and interesting to that target market we were talking about. The article should make your reader want more and so you will provide a link in your article resource box that will take them to your website which will give them more information.

This is part 2 capture prospects information. When they click on your link and they go to your website you will have a opt in form that they can enter their information. Another way of doing it is have a landing page or capture page that has a opt in form to gain their information.

This takes you to step 3 which is very simple. Once they put their information in there it will go to an auto-responder that will send them emails when ever you want. You now have converted them to a lead.

Online MLM Secret #4

To convert prospects to leads requires trust.

People have to trust you to follow you and that is a fact. These online MLM secrets are all part of this system to get these prospects to follow you. Writing good content and being informative is important also having a great website that they can go to and get more knowledge, this all builds trust. Remember online MLM secret #1 don't tell them about your opportunity well now you can because they trust you and you are different from the rest.

There is many more online MLM secrets to be revealed that Pete Waldron can show you in these seven free training tutorials. Use these free tutorials to help build your mountain of success and be one of those trusted leaders.
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Online MLM Secrets - What Are They? And How to Use Them Effectively