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Online Businesses and Their Overlooked Top Secret Weapon - A Professional Squeeze Page by:Pablo Guessi

Online Businesses and Their Overlooked Top Secret Weapon - A Professional Squeeze Page by:Pablo Guessi

One of the main concerns of any Internet Marketer today resides in driving targeted

and quality traffic to their business or product website on a daily basis. There are lots of ways through which they can achieve that, but most entrepreneurs will agree on the fact that having a professional and effective squeeze page is the starting point to building their prospects list exponentially.

A Squeeze page or landing page, as it is called by some people, is a single web page with the sole purpose of capturing information for follow-up marketing, to finally create a large client list. Although it seems like a simple thing, where interested people will basically input their name and email address in fields provided on that page, it should contain a few key characteristics in order to work properly:

1. A big, attention-grabbing logo - take a look at Google, eBay, Yahoo and all the other web giants today, and the first thing you'll find on their pages is a BIG, colored logo right in the middle of the website on a white background. That same principle should apply to your squeeze page. It has been proven that graphic elements, specially a trustworthy logo, will inspire customers to share their contact information with businesses and their offers. It is not a mandatory thing to follow though, since there are lots of color schemes and design templates that are just as effective, as long as they are planned correctly.

2. Oversized and well design buttons - top online businesses have to make it clear to possible clients that they want them to take a specific action, which is to input their information in the submission form at the lower part of the webpage. An oversized well designed Submit button is eye catching and will send that message clearly to the visitor and his or her subconscious. So start thinking BIG.

3. Use audio and video - statistics show that there is a 300% increase in the conversion rate of browsers into buyers, when Internet marketers make use of video and audio resources on their squeeze page. When done in a professional way, you will be enticing the use of the visual and auditive senses, which makes a gigantic difference to the number of people that will finally join your list and possibly purchase a product from you.

4. Concise and convincing title - it is no secret that when a squeeze page has an exciting title or headline, visitors are driven to read through the rest of the information and are naturally taken to the lower portion of the page where the graphically interesting input field is. And this is the whole point of having a landing page. So be informative, concise and creative with your headline. Clearly state your unique selling proposition here.

The second part of the overlooked top secret weapon of businesses today, which are capture pages, is called the Sales Letter. Just as the name implies, this is where you actually describe the service or product you market, and finally develop a pleasant, natural and creative sales pitch. It should contain specific information regarding what users signed up for and its benefits. And that is crucial! Because useless information will most likely distract users, causing them to lose interest and click-away to a different site.

The sales letter, just like your Squeeze Page, should always detail what the subscriber will be receiving and describe the privacy standards offered by the company to avoid their fear of spam. Always include a privacy disclaimer right beneath your submission form. Also, make sure to present visitors with multiple BUY NOW links consistently throughout the page; it is recommended to have at least 10 of these links in total. Remember that users might read something as they go down the page that may cause them to buy a product right away, so always have a BUY NOW link nearby.

After sorting the Sales Letter, you will need a professional Auto Responder service. And what that is basically, is a series of automated messages sent to each user that submitted their information to your business and became a subscriber to your service, with the sole purpose of convincing prospects of the advantages of the products you offer and finally generate sales. There is an excellent option when it comes to auto responders called aWebber. Google it up. There are specific tutorials on their site, explaining what it is and how to set it up and get it up and running with your business right away.

Keep in mind that when sending messages via auto-responders, try to reach your prospects on a daily basis, or every 2 days. If you write them well you will definitely stay away from the spammer tag. That way, the excitement of your offer will always remain fresh and they will be reminded each day of why they chose to be part of your list. Write smart messages, avoid spam and ALWAYS link back to your sales site.

The last part of this secret process is the Thank You page. It is a webpage designed to express how valuable your clients are to your business by simply saying thank you and goodbye in a professional manner. This builds credibility for your business and loyalty on their end, giving them the importance they deserve. Remember, the most important part of marketing and any business model known to man, are customers.

So here is an overview of the exact steps in using the secret weapon that is a professional sale process starting with an effective squeeze page:

- A well designed Squeeze Page or Landing Page.

- An informative and convincing Sales Letter.

- A profesional auto-responder service.

- A friendly thank you or goodbye page.

As a final note, this structure will apply to every single online business model, since this system has been tested over and over again by many successful marketers around the world. It does not take a long time surfing on the Internet to realize that 90% of businesses that are actually generating profit to their owners work this way, because it is an affordable and organized way of building an extensive client list.

That is exactly what it takes for you to start achieving the same success right away. Do things right once and you will enjoy quality traffic and a big number of sales on autopilot forever.

To your success.

About the author

Pablo Guessi is an Internet Marketer who specializes in Online Advertising through lead generation and organic traffic techniques. For more information on designing effective squeeze pages and free gifts while marketing a unique business opportunity, please visit:
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