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One Man's Mother's Day Musings

One Man's Mother's Day Musings

"Mother, I know that Johnny Cash was one of your favorite artists

, and I know that you liked his Christmas rendition of The Little Drummer Boy. And you liked it because the little boy at Christmas did what he could for the Christ. He didn't have money, he didn't have influence, but he could play a drum, and so he did.

"So Mother, in the same way, I offer you what I can do. I've lit a votive candle, which was a habit that you had, that you taught me. As I write this article it's May 9, the evening before Mother's Day, May 10, 2009."

I've got an empty room with a hardwood floor downstairs. It's supposed to be the dining room. It's a new place, though-we haven't quite got everything in. And remember, we're living in two places, so there are different urgencies.

And on this little table is burning a candle-it's a vigil candle-and it's illuminating a portrait of my dear, deceased mother on the wall. My mother...when she had her power.

Of course, being deceased... you know, we are so hep to the concept that we create our reality, that we can make anything happen. And while that's true, there are also very special moments that, remind us, as I was reminded today, that there are things that we just have to live with and get on with.

My heart was hurting. I want to reach out, and my mother, according to her beliefs, is in Heaven.

And it should be an easy thing, but you know about the barrier between those two. And I'm thinking, "Wow, with all this empowerment, with all this truthfulness, because we see that people create their own destinies, there's still so much that is beyond our control at the same time."

Now, obviously I've lived with and gotten on with my mother being deceased. But on a day like this, when I don't have my mother and I'm burning a candle and I'm striving, what can I do? The best thing, the most significant thing I can do is to burn a candle and to write an article, so both of those I do.

But it's a poor replacement for the love that we receive from our mothers when they're alive.

So if your mother is alive, cherish her. Let her know that you love her. And of course, the ironic thing is that's not even necessary for a mother. No, because a mother's going to love you no matter what!

"Mother, I love you. Mother, I miss you. Mother, there's not a day and never will be a day that I'm not your son...

"Your little article boy."

by: Ted Ciuba
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