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Obligations Of Buy-to-let Landlords In Edinburgh

Obligations Of Buy-to-let Landlords In Edinburgh

That would be so difficult for you if you are spending your life as a landlord because

there are many guiding principles for the landlord and for the tenant. They have to ensure that they must act in accordance with law and regulations. Ignorance of law is not an excuse so in case of negligence both parties can sue or be sued.

Electrical safety

The landlord should make sure that wiring in his property is in good condition and also make sure that it is totally safe and sound. The working condition is good. A landlord should make sure that electrical sockets are sufficient for the use of tenant. Landlord should test the electrical equipments in the property and check their labels.

Discrimination against disabled individuals
Obligations Of Buy-to-let Landlords In Edinburgh

It is essential for the landlord that he should be alert regarding to the rights of a disabled tenant. If a landlord discriminates to a tenant while selling or buying a property then it would be considered an offence by law. In any case landlord should not seek the rent far above from the ground of law. If any tenant is a disabled person. It is not the reason to refuse him from renting. Landlord would be liable for taking high rent from the tenant. Landlord cannot eject the tenant if the disability is the exclusive reason in tenant.

Moreover, the landlord has no right to prevent a disabled person from altering property for their better access.

Maintaining and servicing gas equipment

It is obligatory for the landlord to sustain the equipments of gas like boilers and heater etc. subsequently it may cause the carbon monoxide poisonous substance and gas detonation. Once in a year, the landlord must contact with gas equipment analyst for analysis. That person should be a registered gas engineer and provide the tenant with the annual Gas Safety Certificate by law.

Visiting the property

A landlord is not permitted by law that he cannot call to tenant for examining the property at any time. But he must issue aforementioned the notice and this notice should be issued at suitable time. He can only enter into property without notice if there is any serious emergency to tenant or property.

Tenants deposit

It is necessary for the tenant to submit the rent to landlord before his shifting. In this regard, law wants to secure the rights of landlord in case of damage or in case of nonpayment of rent.

If tenant pays deposits then landlord should provide the receipt to the tenant. He should also explain the rules and regulations regarding to the full payment. When tenant is going to leave the property then landlord should return the money which he took in shape of advance, if any damage has not been done. In other case if property is damaged then landlord will deduct the particular amount of money but he should inform to the tenant about this

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Obligations Of Buy-to-let Landlords In Edinburgh