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Obisity In Children

Obisity In Children

We are quite aware of Obesity. There is nothing new in it. When we make a move to our child with a serious view we may find that our children are also having obesity. The word a serious view is written as, being the parents we love our children so much that most of the things we overlook and out of that obesity is a good example. It can be said that 99% of the families are nuclear in nature today. Naturally our only love corner becomes our children and for him there is no control over the diets. Most important is this being educated people we remain casual regarding a considerable intake of fast foods, ice cream, cold drinks or fried foods. We might know that all these foods makes a dangerous effect on our child and leads them to obesity. In practical obesity starts at the childhood so we should think it with a care about the unhealthy fatty foods, fast foods or toxic items that are resulting to obesity of our children.

Have a look to the following points:

Make a good food routine for your child and let him have his first break food before seven oclock.

Discard the items like potato chips, fast food corner foods. However once in 15 days is not going to make any problem.

Please stop your child to have cold drinks. It is another victim towards gaining extra fat.

Keep some fresh fruit items in daily routine. Have mango, banana, grapes orange on seasonal basis.

Let him have hand made bread, milk, boiled egg, cheese daily. Your child must have 1.5 to 2 liters of water everyday.

Do not let your child to take too chilled to hot drinks. Too chilled items are responsible to lead to obesity. Not more than two or three ice cream in a month, if possible discard fully.

All of you in a family have a regular full dish of salad.

Please note a point carefully that obesity is highly harming. If you start today it is possible for you to have a control. Obesity does not mean you are to cut off your food but you should have adequate and healthy food.

Grow some good habits in your child

Give him some household works in his daily routine. Gardening, Lawn maintaining or keeping his study room clean can be a good choice.

Make a habit to have some exercises or free hands in the morning along with the family. Jogging, running is highly helping for all of you in the family.

In the afternoon have some outdoor games on a nearby playground.

Do not see TV while eating your food. Concentrate at the time of taking meals.

Swimming is an exercise, involves entire body. Let him join some swimming club.

There is no word of Tomorrow. Look to the point with utmost seriousness since it would not be a good experience to see your children to suffer.

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Obisity In Children