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No Health Insurance Is Like A Risky Game

No Health Insurance Is Like A Risky Game

A nice pleasant thought would be to have health insurance coverage for everyone

. This would indeed be the perfect solution for many people who just can't afford it, but is too realistic to add up, but any means of measurement. Finding and holding gainful employment that will afford such luxuries as health insurance seems to elude many workers today. If this is your situation in a nutshell, there might be some less than adequate available options that you might take advantage of, even if it isn't the ideal solution, it is far better than nothing at all.

Throughout the United States there exists free medical clinics. To get needed information about these clinics, you can easily inquire through local hospitals or the yellow pages. These clinics allow local area physicians to help the less fortunate in their area with necessary health care within the community at rates any one in need can afford; either free on using a sliding scale. The physicians are licensed professionals who donate their valuable skills and time providing quality health, eye and dental care as well as much needed tests and medications. These health care professionals are a valuable resource to these communities.

Those who don't have health insurance find that health discount cards help them to reduce the fees charged by medical providers in their area. These cards are usually regional and for a small monthly fee you can receive a discount at designated area providers in many health related fields. This can help keep fees down on doctor's visits but usually provide no hospital care.

Medicaid is an available option for any family with dependent children under the age of 18, where no health insurance is available. Medicaid will also offer comprehensive coverage for children, but will also cover anyone pregnant. This will most assuredly take off some of the worry associated with under aged children in the home and their health care needs. This will help let the adults concentrate on the health needs of other family members by designating more money for health care.

Of course it would be optimal to have health insurance coverage but if you don't it is important to know that there are some other options out there that can help you and your family members obtain the medical care you need. Forgoing medical care because of the expense can be a risky game of Russian roulette.

by: Ethan Kalvin
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