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New Jersey Sedation Dentistry: An Effective Treatment For Dental Anxiety & Dental Fear

According to reliable statistics, a significant percentage of population suffers from dental anxiety and dental fear

. The study revealed that while dental anxiety is a fear of the unknown, dental fear is a reaction to the known.

To put it simply, dental anxiety is a condition where a person fears visiting a dentist because he has heard stories of bad dental experience from his friends, but dental fear is when a person is scared because he has actually experienced something bad. Some of the main causes of dental anxiety and dental fear are found to be bad dental experience, uncaring dentist, sensational learning, and post-traumatic stress.

However, sedation dentistry NJ is the best cure to treat both, dental anxiety and dental fear. Also called sleep dentistry, sedation dentistry is a technique that uses medications or a pharmacological agent for causing anxiousness and a depressed state of consciousness in the patient. By doing so, the sedation dentist NJ puts the patient in a relaxed state. He becomes oblivious of what the sedation dentist is doing and feels relaxed and comfortable.

Although, there are several types of New Jersey sedation dentistry, three main forms of sedation dentistry NJ are Oral sedation dentistry, Inhalation sedition dentistry, and Intravenous sedation dentistry. In oral sedation dentistry, the patient is given pills or a liquid, in inhalation sedation dentistry, he is made to inhale laughing gas or happy gas, and in Intravenous sedation dentistry, drugs are injected into the patient's blood-stream through his vein.

All types of sedation dentistry New Jersey are successful and promise a happy dental experience to those suffering from dental anxieties or dental phobia.

If you wish to avail Newsedation dentistry NJ, you may consider Advanced Dentistry. The NJ sedation dentist at Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Reilly, has undergone a specialized post-doctorate training program and is state certified to perform conscious sedation.

At Advanced Dentistry, sedation dentistry is really taking one tiny pill one hour before treatment that puts patients at ease and in a state of complete relaxation - and many a times, patients don't even remember the appointment. They have a great experience and return home with a healthier and beautiful smile.

In addition to sedation dentistry NJ, Advanced dentistry provides cosmetic dentistry NJ, teeth-whitening, and other dental treatments.

To know in detail about their sedation dentistry NJ method, New Jersey sedation dentist, or other dental care treatments, log on to

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New Jersey Sedation Dentistry: An Effective Treatment For Dental Anxiety & Dental Fear