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Need To Sell Your House In Austin Tx! We Will Buy It Now!

Need To Sell Your House In Austin Tx! We Will Buy It Now!

Know Your Options When Selling Your Home FAST!

I am writing this today because most people simply do not know their options when it comes to selling their property.

Typically sellers fall into two categories:

The List and Wait Sellers
Need To Sell Your House In Austin Tx! We Will Buy It Now!

Sellers who really dont want to sell and they put their home on the market to see if they will get a better price then what they paid for the home originally. If the property does not sell, they really dont care. These sellers just want to see if anything is going to happen with their home. These people typically deal with a Realtor, conventional buyers and may spend months maybe even over a year trying to sell their home.

The OMG I Have to Sell Sellers

These Sellers are typically people behind in payments or they are in a position where they need to sell their house for whatever reason. Maybe its divorce, death in the family, relocation or even when the home owner is upside down in their home but for whatever reason, this group of sellers just wants to make their problem go away with very little money out of their pocket.

I am going to focus on the latter set of sellers for this article.

When you are facing selling your home quickly, you need to know all of your options. Typically, listing with a Realtor, having people walk through your property and wait to see if they get financing is typically not an option here.

This is when you should call an investor for their option and to have them make you an offer on your property. Investor are trained VERY differently then Realtors. Realtors are a great service to people buying and selling homes however, most Realtors are only trained on the buying and selling transaction portion of selling a home. Many Realtors are NOT investors and typically dont invest in real estate in their private lives. To me, if you are a Realtor and you know where all the good deals are, why are they not buying and selling the houses and making 100% of the profit instead of just 3% of the sales price? That is an entirely other discussion I will get into at another time.

A properly trained Real Estate Investor will give you more options than most realtors. A properly trained Investor will offer you cash, terms or to take over your payments. Now, how do you know if the Investor is properly trained? That is a good question and one that I get asked often. You want to ask the investor how many transactions that have successfully completed and not just worked on! This is a big difference and you must get clarification. You will also want to ask for references, ask the investor how many other transactions that they have done like your situation and where did they get their investor education? When an investor says they have been self taught over 10+ years, thats a good person to go with, they will know the ups and downs of the market and can typically help you based on experience.

When you are working with a new investor ask them where they received their education to learn how to do these transactions. When someone tells you that they have read a few books and attended a seminar once RUN!!! Becoming a Real Estate Investor takes time, education experience and the assistance of others. Ask a new investor who they are working with, what kind of transactions that they have done and ask them how you can rest assure that they will perform on your transaction.

Savoy and experienced Real Estate Investors want a Win-Win-Win situation for everyone, thats how they keep in business! They want the seller to feel like they won, they want their new buyer to feel that that they won and the investor should feel like a win because they put everything together. Real Estate Investors are not Donald Trumps of the world that make billions and want to take your house, kids and wife if you are in distress.

The best thing to do is research on the internet, look in your local paper and call some of the road side signs that you see that say We Buy Houses Fast. Ask the questions I mentioned above and then ask them for a solution to your unique situation.

I have been training Real Estate Investors for years and I can tell you that the people who find solutions for everyone always win. The Investors that are only in Investing for themselves, usually get weeded out of the business because of their own business practices.

If you need to sell your property fast, I can tell you that dealing with an investor is typically the quickest and easiest way to sell his home.

Just last month I helped a family out that was $20,000 upside down in their property. After all was said and done, if the sell would have listed and closed the property with a Realtor the house would have sold in an average of 6 months and the seller would have to bring to the table over $30,000 in closing costs, Realtor fees and catching up the mortgage.
Need To Sell Your House In Austin Tx! We Will Buy It Now!

When this seller worked with me, I was able to sell the home in just 38 days and they did not have to be a penny in ANY costs related to the sale of their home!

You may ask how I did it and helped them out?

You are welcome to contact me directly to ask me how or continue reading my articles and blogs. You will find the answer if you dig hard enough!

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Need To Sell Your House In Austin Tx! We Will Buy It Now!