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Need Information On A Good Canada Mortgage Rate?

Need Information On A Good Canada Mortgage Rate?

In order for Canadians to continually qualify for the lowest possible Canada mortgage rates

, the Canadian government had ordered the financial institutions, lenders, and banks, to slash their interest rates to a low level.

At this time, the Bank of Canada has set its prime rate at 0.25 %, and it will keep the rate on until the following year. With this current rate, the bank prime rate is set at 2.25%, the lowest ever.

Banks are still offering low Canada mortgages even when the time period of below prime rate is over. There are still good deals on variable and short-term rates. To get the best Canada mortgage rates, you need to consider three steps.

You need to shop around. According to a recent survey, not many Canadians are exploring other options. They stay with their existing lenders for reasons of loyalty, good relationships, and friendship.Need Information On A Good Canada Mortgage Rate?

Rates vary from one lending institution to another. Even when the difference in mortgage rates is small, the savings can be great. The difference of one tenth a percent can be converted to huge savings in the long run.

Banks are not the only ones that offer mortgages. When you shop around, you will find that there are several financial institutions that offer mortgages. To help you understand the difference, and to help you compare Canada mortgage rates, it is best to consult a mortgage broker. He can help you find the deal that is right for you.

A mortgage broker is a specialist whose task is to negotiate with many mortgage lenders. They are particularly popular among the first-time mortgage applicants simply because mortgages are their sole specialization.

Also during your shopping, you will have to choose between fixed rate and variable rate. The variable rate fluctuates along with the prime rate. Hence, when the prime rate goes up or down, so will your interest rate and monthly payment. The fixed rate mortgage is constant; it does not change, regardless of what changes occur in the prime rate.

After shopping around, you need to diversify your options. You can choose a combination of variable rate and fixed rate for your Canada mortgage rates. It is known as hybrid mortgage. Now, not all lenders are willing to offer hybrid mortgages. So better look around, or let your mortgage broker do the shopping for you.

The terms are very important in Canada mortgages, regardless of the rate. Unlike the amortization, the mortgage term last between 15 to 25 years. There are longer terms available, however, the rates are prohibitive as banks unwilling to predict the longer terms. At the end of the term, you will negotiate again for another deal with your lender according to the rates offered at that time.

Because the prime rate is very low, banks right now are offering better deals for shorter terms, and higher rates for longer terms. There are mortgage calculators that are available online for you to calculate the rates; nevertheless, it is best to let your Canada Mortgage rates be estimated by your broker.

Your credit score is very crucial in determining your rate. If you know your credit score is low then start cleaning it up to build a better score. An impressive credit score can guarantee you the best Canada mortgage rate.

by: Rudy Silva
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Need Information On A Good Canada Mortgage Rate?