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Neck Massage Alleviate Aches More Effectively

Neck Massage Alleviate Aches More Effectively

How I love technology. I spend hours typing on my computer, researching, sending emails, even setting up play dates for my children. My child asks me why and I go online and find out why. The internet age has certainly added to our lives as far as knowledge at our fingertips. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. Being on the computer means that we are hunched over. Our eyes are focused on the close-up. We find ourselves with a sore neck, headaches, back aches and a variety of other ailments.

My doctor has told me that my migraines are caused by the pulling on muscles as I hunch over my computer. I first tried neck massage skeptically, but found it such a relaxing way to relieve my aches and pains. As I didn't have a doctor recommendation, I just went to my local massage spa and had a consultation. I clicked with someone, and she became my massage therapist.

Have you ever had a massage? Do you think this is something new? No, it is not a new medical breakthrough, this art has been practiced throughout the world. Neck massage is one of the more modern types of massage and is based on the ancient methods. Chinese records dating back 3,000 years document its use; the ancient Hindus, Persians and Egyptians applied forms of massage for many ailments; and even Hippocrates wrote papers recommending the use of rubbing and friction for joint and circulatory problems. Massage is the manipulation of superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue.

My first neck massage was performed by a massage technician who had her own equipment. She had me sit facing the back of a chair, and had my neck exposed. My shoulders were alternately massaged back and forth for about a minute. After that my neck muscles were squeezed as I relaxed my muscles. I was instructed to move my shoulders up and down, then to relax. This, too was done alternately. My neck was rubbed from the base up to my skull. My first massage took about 10 minutes as it was just a neck massage. If you are having a neck massage as part of a general massage the whole experience will take longer.Neck Massage Alleviate Aches More Effectively

So, how do you find a massage therapist that can work on your aching neck? Well, as with everything, there are qualifications, and there are genuine qualifications. You can ask your doctor to refer you to one he/she works with, this may even be covered by insurance. There are so many types of massage, and it is done in a variety of ways with a variety of ancient remedies.

Of all the massages available, so far I have found that a neck massage is the most convenient for the amount of relief and least amount of main. A neck massage is performed while the recipient is clad, but in a low necked garment. Other massages are performed on a person partially clad, or nude. Do you think this sounds good? Ask your doctor for a referral, or simply find your local spa. You're sure to enjoy this.

Neck Massage Alleviate Aches More Effectively

By: Jasmine Beach
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Neck Massage Alleviate Aches More Effectively