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My Harvest America Will Fail

My Harvest America Will Fail

It's been tried before

Network Marketing with food and or Groceries as the product line. What could be better? All you have to do is switch from buying at your local grocery store and buy from your "own" My Harvest America Store.

After all, food is the ultimate product

We all need it.

The mantra goes like this...

We all have to eat, don't we?

Anybody remember Yurika and Universe Foods from the 1980's?

They failed like a multitude of others.

The reason why is this. It's all about the numbers and costs involved in being in the grocery business. Did you know that a successful grocery store is one that makes 3% on the bottom line? Some operate on less. It is very competitive to say the least.

Yet My Harvest America intends to save you 35-50% on your grocery bill. Plus...they intend to offer Free Shipping. I don't know about you, but the last time I brought the groceries inside my house from the car, I decided to forgo my trip to the gym that day since I had already gotten a good workout. I can't imagine what the cost is to ship groceries accross the United States.

This means only 1 thing

My Harvest America will fail like all the other attempts at this type of MLM. They simply cannot afford to stay in business. If the cost of the product does not drive them out of business....warehousing and shipping costs will.

It is understandable why many people are excited about My Harvest America. On the surface, it seems like an opportunity that is too good to refuse. But when you apply general principles to the My Harvest America Business Model, you can only come away with one conclusion. My Harvest America will eventually fail....leaving many stranded distributors.

It is not uncommon in today's mlm marketplace for companies to start up and fail within the first year of operation. It will be hard to see how My Harvest America can absorb the massive costs of direct grocery distribution since this type of business model has already failed.

More than a few very large supermarket chains have attempted direct delivery service to the home via the internet or call in service, only to abandon the enterprise in quick order because they had to charge higher prices that one could obtain by going to the store and shopping for themselves

My Harvest America will not be able to sustain a 35-50% savings on groceries...even with the didtributor force paying monthly service fees.

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