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My Grandmother's Pandora Gift

My Grandmother's Pandora Gift

Author: Zoe
My Grandmother's Pandora Gift

The day I dreamed for a long time came. That was my adult celebration day, which was the symbol that I had varied from a girl to a young lady. I was extremely happy and excited. I knew it was just a celebration but I treated it seriously because since then I must be more responsible and sensible. I shouldered some responsibilities. At least I should not ask money from my parents, I thought. It seemed that I would be busier and hard working. However I would have more freedom, which was I longed for really. To get more freedom I would like to do some scarifying. At my eighteenth birthday, all my family members came to dinner together. They saw the process of my growing. They were all happy to see me grow up. After dinner my grandmother sent me a Pandora jewel. It seemed that the Pandora necklace was not the latest one and even had already been out of date. So I asked my grandmother why she bought this for me. My grandmother said that she bought this jewel two years ago. She heard the story of the Pandora and the box. So she wanted to open it and let the bad disaster come out. She guessed that when I received the gift. The box would be full of hopes. When I grew up, I would need hopes all the time.

Then my grandmother said that she thought over for some time. It was the best that I opened it myself. I should have the courage to open it just as I should have courage to face all things in the future no matter what would happen. She hoped that when I came across some troubles, I could get courage from opening the Pandora jewelry box. Maybe at first I would meet difficulties, troubles as well as depression, but as long as I faced it bravely, I could succeed eventually. I understood my grandmother's hope. I would not give up no matter what happed. And I would prove that as long as we hold hopes, all things were possible. About the Author:

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