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How A Bi-weekly Mortgage Works

In a bi-weekly mortgage, one half of a monthly payment is paid every two weeks. That means that in a year with 52 weeks, 26 bi-weekly installments are made. If each of those installments is one half of a monthly payment, 13 monthly payments have been made in 12 months, with that extra month being applied directly toward the principal.That is to say that, in just 12 years of paying on a loan, a homeowner will have made a years worth of extra...more

A Proven Retirement Plan for Wealth In Less Than Four Years

Author: Robert QuadraYou can retire wealthy within 4 years and enjoy your growing income along the way! Millions of people have accomplished this wonderful goal and you will too with the right plan.Skepticism and doubt is OK, but as you continue to read through this article, you will find some illuminating nuggets of information that shines on a path for you to follow. Are you aware that what we fear most we can attract? It has something to do...more

The Mortgage SAFE Act: Safe, or an Act? Check Your Mortgage Expert Carefully

Author: Joffrey LongRefinancing to the wrong residential loan could cost you your home, ruin your credit and disrupt family.   In an attempt to combat faulty lending practices, earlier this year, lawmakers passed the Secure and Fair Enforcement Mortgage Licensing Act "SAFE Act."  It establishes a national standard mandating consumer protection against fraud and misleading lending practices. Crafted to abolish shoddy residential lending, SAFE primarily institutes a system for licensing and registering loan originators.  California must comply with enact requirements by the end of 2010.      While many of the prior deceptive loan programs have been eliminated, vigilance is still needed when choosing a lending expert to ensure you’re not being mislead or signing up for a financial disaster.    Formerly, loan officers, also known as “loan originators,” were often just commissioned salespeople with no special training to help borrowers understand and select the right loan.  Worse still – in many cases, loan companies hired “ loan specialists” who had no license at all.    The ensuing “mortgage meltdown” paved the way for this new bureaucratic...more

Steps to Consider For Qualifying For Mortgage After Bankruptcy

Author: Alvin ClavinesBankruptcy can be difficult especially the long process that comes with it. But after the bankruptcy discharge has been issued, it is important to create good credit again for future purposes. You would want to boost your chances of qualifying for a mortgage after bankruptcy, it would be better if you can correct your past...more

Reverse Mortgage - Is It For You?

Reverse mortgages have been around for a while and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) was one of the first to offer them.Before diving into the deep end of a reverse mortgage, you need to make sure you understand what it is, if you are eligible, and what will be expected if you...more

The Mortgage Broker / Loan Officer Financial Stimulus Program Is Now Available

Just in case you have missed all of the positive press about it...the mortgage industry's quiet little secret is slowly becoming common knowledge, and a super hot subject at the water cooler.In spite of the fact that every effort has been made to keep the details of this program low-key and with little or no fanfare...the program is very much alive and well, and is gaining momentum.Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers that are participating, are singing the praises of the new stimulus program for the mortgage industry. Everyone involved agrees...the timing of the Stimulus Program couldn't have come at a better time!While there has been much in the news about the economy, and while they tell us things are turning around, many in the Mortgage Business are struggling and feeling the pinch. Yes...even under ideal circumstances there is constant stress in the business. But...add the current economic issues and things are unbelievably difficult.Thankfully there's an answer...a bailout if you will...and, all Mortgage Professionals can take advantage of it. It's called the "Mortgage Broker/Loan Officer Financial Stimulus Program." and revolves around the new niche ...more

Mortgage Rates Rise Off Of Historic Lows

Two weeks ago mortgage rates hit historic lows with the 30 year falling to 4.78. The next week they fell even further to 4.71. This week they rose back up to 4.81. Although they rose a tenth of a point the mortgage rates are still near historical...more

2010 Mortgage Rate Predictions

Author: MPetroneRight now, mortgage interest rates are near all time lows. Many homeowners are refinancing and getting loan modifications to take advantage. However, I predict that interest rates will increase in 2010, and some people will no longer...more

Prevent Foreclosure with a Mortgage Modification

Author: MPetroneMany homeowners are struggling to make their mortgage payments, this has lead to an all time high of foreclosures and loan defaults. However, many homeowners can prevent losing their home by getting a mortgage modification. Here is...more

Mortgage Bailout Plan from Obama has New Mortgage Refinancing Options

Author: MPetroneHomeowners everywhere are struggling to make their payments, and many homes are at risk of being lost. However, new Government stimulus plans make refinancing a mortgage easier than ever. The “Making Home Affordable” plan from the...more

Make An Informed Choice With Bankruptcy Faqs

Here are some common bankruptcy FAQs often asked by individuals who want to file bankruptcy. These frequently asked questions help debtors clarify their doubts and make the right decisions regarding bankruptcy.The most common bankruptcy FAQs before...more

Introduction To Mortgages

Mortgages are a complicated subject. It is like a long term relationship, and you do need to be sure before committing. We know we need one, and will have it, so let us look at mortgages and find the information we need for success!The first point to...more
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