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Money Saving Tips: 3 Essential Strategies To Guarantee You Get A Guarantee by:Annika Aversa

Money Saving Tips: 3 Essential Strategies To Guarantee You Get A Guarantee by:Annika Aversa

We've all seen the famous, "100% Money Back Guarantee." If you are new to Internet marketing

, you will probably find yourself swimming in a sea of online coaching programs and Internet marketing products to choose from. You've most likely signed up to receive free Ebooks, courses and products to help you make money from home. As you are searching through the maze of programs available, how do you choose which is best for you and if they offer a guarantee, how can you tell if it's legitimate?

As you are finding your way through the maze of products available, pay close attention to what you will actually receive and then, check to see if there is a guarantee included so you can get your money back if you don't like the product. Most Internet products offer a "100% Money Back Guarantee." The websites display big bold "certificates" of guarantee with all kinds of fancy seals and official looking print. But, how do you know if its one of those fake guarantees where you are asked to prove that it didn't work for you before getting your cash back?

As a newbie, I came across several dubious money making products that I investigated before purchasing and sad to say, a couple of products that I actually purchased and then had a difficult time figuring out how to get my money back. It's the sales page that gets you. It all seems legitimate. You see statements like:

"I'll personally refund every penny of your cash with a smile on my face and no questions asked."

"I don't care if you don't even try to use it. I'll still give you every dollar back. "

"You see, I'm so sure that this product will blow you away that I'm happy to give you an unheard-of no-strings guarantee like this."

I've discovered a few shady characters along the way, but for the most part, I'm happy to report that most online home business coaching programs and products do have easy to process money-back guarantees.

There are a few things you need to check before purchasing a product online.

3 Essential Strategies to Guarantee You Get the Guarantee:

1. Completely read through the guarantee posted on the website.

Check to see if it's a 3-day trial, 30-day no questions asked, 60-day full refund.

Each site is a little different, so you want to be clear about the limits.

I found a site that had a "60-day no-questions-asked guarantee", but when I read the fine print, I discovered it was a 56-day full guarantee and that there were financial restrictions for days 57-60.

2. Check "Purchase Agreement"

This is the legal part of the sale. You'll have to sift through a lot of legal jargon, but you can see if the guarantee matches the one listed on the site. You can find the "Purchase Agreement" as a button usually at the bottom of the home page.

This should also tell you where the company is located and possibly the real name of the owner.

3. Check the "contact us" page. Once again, usually a button at the bottom of the home page.

There should be some way that you will be able to contact the company if you'd like a refund. You'll see things like a service desk, email, or 1-800 number, sometimes a regular phone number. If you can't find a contact, do not purchase the item.

If you can't find the "contact us" page, look for a "sitemap" which should list the "contact page."

Make sure the contact info is real. I found a listing that looked like this: info [@] product name .com.

Those brackets around the @ looked strange to me so I pursued this further. Found an 800 number that was written in the tiniest font available. When I called, it was a recording with a non-English speaking voice. I think they were saying to leave a message.

If you still want to purchase an item and can't find contact information, you can check the "Who Is" information on the domain registration.

Overall, I have found the majority of quality coaching programs to be very willing to refund your purchase price quickly and without a problem. They want to keep you as a potential future customer, and their business will benefit from good business practices.

I've found several online coaching programs and products that treat their customers very well. The service desks are easily accessible, 24/7 help, and of course, full money-back guarantees. I'm always pleasantly surprised when I see the refund money deposited in my paypal account within 24 hours.

Do you want to see a free step-by-step video tutorial, that you can start using today!

Check out:

About the author

Annika Aversa is a retired teacher researching strategies and products to help you learn the secret tips to making more money online fast!
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Money Saving Tips: 3 Essential Strategies To Guarantee You Get A Guarantee by:Annika Aversa