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Mobile Workforce And Byod, The Newest Trends In The Industry

Mobile Workforce And Byod, The Newest Trends In The Industry

The influx of new communication devices and solutions in the corporate environment resulted in the workforce becoming increasingly mobile

. Take for instance, remote desktop access and SSL VPNs, which has made it possible for the workforce to make the choice with respect to location and time. Similarly, very many technological innovations have made the concept of office obsolete. The concept of 9 to 5 job is outdated, since it is no longer practicable in an environment that is highly competitive and volatile. Today employees do not need an office atmosphere to be productive. It is the era of mobile offices where the employees choose the office location, which can be their home, library, coffee shop, public Internet kiosk, airport lounges so on and so forth.

One of the important advantages of mobile officing is greater productivity. Employees who are part of the mobile workforce are ready to put in extra hours, as mobile officing helps them to maintain a healthy balance between personal and professional lives. Moreover, as employees can take their office wherever they go they succeed in managing their workloads more efficiently. They are productive to such an extent that they are ready to use their own personal devices for work resulting in a new trend termed as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

BYOD or rather BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) as employees use not only their personally owned hardware devices but also the software used on the device for their office work, is rapidly catching on as more and more companies are embracing it. Adopting BYOD is definitely an added advantage for companies that already have a mobile workforce. Lets see how.

Reduced Expenses

With a mobile workforce, companies are already enjoying reduced capital cost for offices and reduced infrastructure costs. And with BYOD, companies get to enjoy reduced operational and maintenance costs since embracing BYOD have relieved them from the responsibility of providing employees with latest computing equipments. Hence, there is no worry about IT provisioning.

Increased Productivity

Mobile officing increases the productivity of the employees as they put in those hours that would have otherwise spent on commuting. Moreover, there is low absenteeism. And with BYOD, employees get to work with the most modern technological devices that help to get their work done quickly and efficiently. BYOD also helps in managing multi site projects as it facilitates easy collaboration and communication between team members.

The concept of mobile workforce, BYOD was unimaginable 10 years ago. However, today it is the reality.

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Mobile Workforce And Byod, The Newest Trends In The Industry