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Mobile Simulator Interface Between Agent And Customer

Mobile Simulator Interface Between Agent And Customer

Popularity of Smartphones is increasing day by day but users are not able to exploit their devices up to maximum

. The user feels very difficult in exploring its even half the features of the handsets. The inability of the users to exploit the device also brings loss to the operators. This loss is of the data. For this customer support executive teams need to be properly updated with Knowledge Management Portal and support engine. There are more challenges which are faced:

1.)Smartphones and Smart devices are launched every day and users cannot exploit even half the potential his device carries.

2.)For new Smartphones in the market self configuration of device is very difficult without any picture guide.

3.)Long waiting calls at the call centre causes frustration among customers due to this customer leaves the service operators and move to another one.
Mobile Simulator Interface Between Agent And Customer

4.)Due to the rapidly changing technologies customer support teams are finding difficult to upgrade themselves about the telecom technology.

5.)This is time consuming model that leads to frustrated customers

6.)With changing technology it is very difficult to update the knowledge base.

Mobile Simulator is the platform that offers the step by step guide to the contact centre agents. This tool guides the customer support executives to facilitate the customers about how to use the application and services offered in their devices. This mobile simulator improves the mobile data experience for the end user as well as reduces the cost. These are basically used when the customer support executive has to make the customers do manual settings. It also helps to increase the revenue of the company. Mobile simulators help the contact centre agents to resolve the problems of the customers very quickly. It is the simple and functional interface between the agent and the customer. This is basically the multi language tool that works in almost all over the world. There are numerous companies available which have created the mobile simulators. There are different parameters which are covered under the Mobile Simulators. They are given below:

1. Internet Settings

2. 3G Settings

3. MMS Settings

4. Video Streaming Settings

5. How to Delete a Profile?

6. How to edit a profile?

7. How to clear Cache?

8. How to Browse Sites?

9. How to Switch on Bluetooth?

10. How to send MMS?

11. How to do Email Settings?

12. How to do Network Selection?

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Mobile Simulator Interface Between Agent And Customer