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Mobile Apps - Best Marketing Tools For Bands And Djs

Mobile Apps - Best Marketing Tools For Bands And Djs

If there is one industry that has hit the headlines in the marketing industry

, it is the mobile apps. It is one of the most talked about ways of marketing and for a good reason. Mobile phones and especially the smartphones have become very instrumental in promoting the use of mobile apps. Nowadays people do not even go to the internet to check for goods and services as these have been simplified and brought closer to the customer by the use of the mobile apps.

The music industry just like any other business sector can benefit from the use of mobile apps. The music industry includes all the stake holders in this industry from the songwriters to the listeners. The bands and the DJs need to market their products and services as any other business owner.

The use of iTunes to sell songs is one of the applications of mobile apps. The bands and the DJs now have to ability to make their songs available to the listeners by making them available on iTunes. This has also been of great importance to the customers. They can not only purchase but also have the song delivered to them instantly.

Another advantage of mobile apps in the music industry is that the customers are able to stream videos through these mobile apps. The customers are not bound to go about the trouble of looking for numerous internet sites trying to locate a particular video but they can directly stream the exact videos they want to their phones through the mobile apps.

Music bands and DJs can now easily communicate with their fans about scheduled events and concerts via push notifications. Push notifications work like text messages because they are delivered to the mobile device and are available right away. They also provide great open rates. Its been proven that an open rate of 97 percent should be expected.

The fans through the use of mobile apps can easily follow their favorite music bands and best DJs as well as their performance schedule. The DJs and music bands can also promote their music by selling the music CDs and DVDs through the mobile apps. Mobile ordering and payment is the way of the future. The acts of piracy are reduced and the bands and DJs get full income for their songs. Mobile apps are the way to go for marketing in the music industry.

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