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Mobile Advertising, Does It Really Work For Modest And Mid-sized Organizations?

Mobile Advertising, Does It Really Work For Modest And Mid-sized Organizations?

Cut throat competition, burgeoning cost of advertising and marketing

, a dwindling economy and plunging sales with limited operational budgets are making most small and midsized corporate owners assume that have got the raw end of the bargain. So, it is understandable why they would view a new approach like mobile marketing with doubt.

Then, there are all those fabulous claims about this new medium online which further increases suspicion, so if you have been curious or even mulling over taking the plunge with mobile advertising and marketing but are not sure, here are some details and explanations that will help.

Let us get right to the point!

The one question that any firm owner would ask before investing in a advertising and marketing tactic is if it will help his/her venture. For mobile marketing and advertising that question is answered with a resounding yes. Marketing over mobile devices when done right can expand profits by several times for all corporations, regardless of industry, product type and the services they offer.Mobile Advertising, Does It Really Work For Modest And Mid-sized Organizations?

In fact, mobile marketing has put things on an even keel for company owners who were struggling to seek out the right marketing and advertising approach that would help them to hold their own against the larger companies that spend thousands and millions for advertisement.

In the last three years, over 80% facilities that have used mobile advertising have reported a surge in their revenue and profits. Firms that include this marketing approach in their overall PR strategy not only get better ROI for their advertising dollars but also there is a distinct enhancement in their brand awareness and retention.

How does it work?

Mobile advertising and marketing is a two pronged tactic that includes a customized mobile app and a mobile compatible website. The application fundamentally functions as a front offering valuable service to the users with a range of features which can include GPS directions, push notifications, social media integration, one touch calling, quick feedback, tell a friend and more.

On the other hand, the mobile website, acts as the base which offers more exhaustive information on the business, sector, products, services etc.

Websites optimized for viewing on mobile devices are created to offer a fulfilling browsing experience despite the smaller screen size and pixel range. These are fully functional websites that provide data that can impact the users buying decision.

Although a mobile website and a custom app can be used exclusively of each other, together they are extremely effective with emphasis on bigger connectivity with the consumers.

Why does it work where all else have failed?

Unlike other form of marketing and advertising which simply depend on dissemination of product related information, mobile marketing offers ample scope for rapport building, engaging the clients with your brand and increasing brand visibility.

With mobile marketing and advertising your advertising initiatives are put into fourth gear and they are not restricted to a product launch or when you need to see a spike in profits. When you use a custom application and a mobile website, you are perpetually in the advertising mode.

Needless to say, the results of brand retention can be far reaching as customers will naturally choose your offerings over those of your competitors simply because with rapport comes the element of trust.

What kind of results can I expect?

On an average, a person responds to an email in about 90 minutes but with text messages and push notifications, this response time is pulled down to a mere 90 seconds. Higher response equates to a higher number of leads and more buyers.

70% of mobile searches result in some action within 60 minutes. In other words, if a buyer in the market for a product and gets to your site on his mobile device there are very good chances of him/her buying from you.

9 out of 10 people who search for brands and products through their mobile gadgets will take some action and 5 of them will actually purchase the product they are researching.

Over 60% of local searches on mobile devices lead to at least a phone call to the business

61% of the clients who were not happy with a mobile unfriendly website of a business went to the competitors website

People spend 64% of their time on mobile tools using applications

74% of smart phone users make their purchases with the help of these hand held devices.

What these figures mean for you is pure profit with minimum investment and specialized knowhow.

What about my investment?Mobile Advertising, Does It Really Work For Modest And Mid-sized Organizations?

Mobile advertising and marketing tools including full feature customized apps are accessible at varying prices to suit the budgets of just about everybody. However, when buying an app, it is key to deal with an skilled and well known business with a proven track record like ImIn Marketer.

Not only do you get greater value for money when you get your application created from a corporation with a stellar reputation but also the support system of the software maker will be with you every step of the way, guiding you to mobile advertising success.

On a concluding note, it should also be mentioned that mobile advertising does not have to be used as a standalone marketing approach. In fact, it works much better when coupled with your existing PR plans. Integrating your custom apps and mobile website with your other marketing endeavors greatly increases the engagement and reach of mobile marketing.

by: Lee Janos
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Mobile Advertising, Does It Really Work For Modest And Mid-sized Organizations?