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Mexico Dentist

For many years, Mark had bad teeth, and for many years he thought about how he might look with new teeth

. They have been gradually getting worse and worse every year. They have us complete the cavities that were filled with these ugly silver fillings. They were also ground down for years, and not much more than the alphabet. All were painted yellow and some of them bad strain. Mark teeth homeless man.

Mark finally fed up with what he saw in the mirror every morning, and so he decided that he was going to take action and do something about it. He asked and got some directions to a reputable mexico dentist in his hometown south of Oklahoma City. But his dream of obtaining new smile seemed too large, when a local dentist told him that it would cost. To all the mercury / silver fillings taken out, 3 root canals, 4 wisdom tooth removal, 22 standard porcelain crowns, and all six porcelain crowns for front teeth, general dental bill is going to run about $ 40000.

Mark could not afford to spend that kind of money, but was not deterred. He had heard that dental work was relatively inexpensive in foreign countries, and so he got online and started doing research. He found that the most common place for Americans who travel abroad for dental work in Tijuana, Mexico. The reason for this is that dental charges are only part of what they are in the United States. Mark received a price to do the same job he wanted to do at a price below $ 7000. It was a big difference. In addition, he discovered that Tijuana is easily accessible from the United States. You can fly to San Diego, California, and inexpensive and easy transportation to the border. You can either take the subway and ride a trolley to the border, or someone with a dental clinic to take them. In addition, hotels and restaurants abound in Tijuana, and at very reasonable prices.

So Mark decided to go out and do it. Everything went smoothly. It clocks in the Tijuana dentist and got everything done in 8 days. He found that Tijuana was a good place, and he felt very safe and secure. Finally the day came when his mouth put it back together, and he could once again smile. The results speak for themselves. Malcolm looks fantastic and his wife now rally around him as her "movie star" husband. The cost of flights to Mexico were insignificant compared with the economy, and to correct their smile, it was all money well spent.

Many thousands of people each year seek medical and dental care abroad. They caused huge savings available on quality of care. They are tired of paying your hard-earned money, or going into debt, so that some doctor or dentist can live in a big house and drive a fancy car. Mark has shown that receiving dental care outside the U.S., of course, was a response to their needs, and he tells everyone he meets that they can get the same benefit.

Dentist that I recommend is Sam Dental in Tijuana, Mexico, south of San Diego, California. They are very honest, very capable, have very low prices, and they guarantee their work.

by: Paal Robart
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