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Memory foam mattress alleviates back pain

Memory foam mattress alleviates back pain

Back pain, when we have it affects virtually every aspect of daily life

, when lifting, moving and sometimes even sitting can be painful. This uncomfortable pain follows us into the night when we are trying to get some sleep. A memory foam mattress is a great remedy to back pain throughout the night, as opposed to waking up in discomfort. Is there anything worse than waking up in excruciating pain?

Back pain is usually the result of damage to nerves, bones, joints or parts of the spine. This could happen in a variety of ways and even the smallest change could affect your back massively. The duration it takes to recover from a back injury is split into three sections, acute (less than 4 weeks), sub-acute (4 12 weeks) and chronic (greater than 12 weeks). Rest is a major factor in the recovery period for a back injury, and during the night it is of the highest importance our back is supported effectively. Old fashioned spring mattresses do not give the back enough support, unlike memory foam mattresses which mould to the shape of your body supporting the pressure points.

It is easy to damage your back, whether you are lifting weights in the gym or bending down at the supermarket, your back is susceptible to injury. The old fashioned spring mattress is constantly pushing against your back as you sleep, and this is not healthy for an injury that requires as limited stress as possible. A bed should be an environment void of stresses and is a crucial place where healing can take place on your back. A memory foam mattress surpasses the old fashioned spring mattress with its optimum support and pressure relieving mattress. The hygienic aspect of the memory foam mattress is also a major positive, as dust mites and other bed bugs, can not live in the layers.

Even if you are not currently suffering from back trouble, a memory foam mattress will aid in keeping not only your back but your entire body comfortable during sleep. The body naturally takes the time when we are asleep to heal any discomfort that may have occurred during the day. Waking up with body parts aching and a difficulty to move is never a comforting experience, and with a temperature sensitive mattress that moulds to your body shape, your body is in a much more restful state throughout the night.Memory foam mattress alleviates back pain

So a memory foam mattress may help your back heal quicker, with its advanced temperature sensitive technology, it offers a premium nights sleep which will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated, ready for the new day. Memory foam is now used in hospital beds across Europe due to its orthopaedic and health benefits. A memory foam mattress is a great first place to start combating not only back pain but neck, shoulder and leg pain as it moulds to the shape of your body whilst your sleeping, alleviating any unnecessary pressures or stresses your body has at night.

Memory foam mattress alleviates back pain

By: Stefan Lindberg
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Memory foam mattress alleviates back pain