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Protecting Yourself With Proper Medical Coverage Protecting Yourself With Proper Medical CoverageSometimes you just never know what is in store for your future. You make plans and work toward goals and you never can tell how things will eventually work out. You can do certain things that will give you a greater chance at a rosier future. These are also things that you want to instill within your children as they grow. You cant guarantee the way your life or theirs will turn out but you can do things that are very likely to point you in the...more
How Hypnotherapy Birthing Techniques Began by:Anna Barrington How Hypnotherapy Birthing Techniques Began by:Anna BarringtonThe fame of birthing hypnotherapy, the Mongan method, is spreading fast by word of mouth, simply because it works so well, and that's how it has always spread.When Marie Mongan had her first baby, she had read the book 'Childbirth Without Fear' by Grantly Dick-Reed and practiced the techniques it taught. She had her first baby in hospital as was the generally accepted practice in America, then as now, and when she arrived she...more
Hypnotherapy for Birth by:Anna Barrington Hypnotherapy for Birth by:Anna BarringtonHypnotherapy for birth or Hypnobirthing is a term that is increasingly appearing in the news and spoken of by health professionals as the 'new way' to give birth; it is natural and often pain free. But what is this system and is it really a good as good as it is hailed to be?The phrase was first coined by Marie Mongan in Amercia. She had her first baby in hospital and after reading the book 'Childbirth Without Fear' by Grantly Dick-Read she announced to the nurses that she was planning on having a natural birth. With a superior smirk the nurse maintained she would soon be 'screaming like the rest of them'. Unfortunately Marie got caught up in the hospital protocols of the day and ended up having a high intervention birth when in fact her pregnancy had been proceeding in a perfectly natural way. With her second child a similar process happened, but by her third child Marie was wise to the current obstetrical practises and insisted she be left to give birth in the natural way with her husband present certainly not the done thing in those times!. Her third child was born in a calm and natural delivery with no drugs and no pain.When Marie's own...more
What is Part B Coverage of Medicare? by:Mark Dacanay What is Part B Coverage of Medicare? by:Mark DacanayMedicare is a social insurance program that is being administered by the US government under the Social Security Act.It aims to provide medical insurance coverage for people who are aged 65 or older, or those who qualify and meets the special criteria. To be eligible a person must be either of the following:• Sixty-five years and older, US citizens or permanent legal resident for at least 5...more
C-Section versus Normal or Vaginal Birth by:James Pendergraft C-Section versus Normal or Vaginal Birth by:James PendergraftPregnancy nowadays is safer and less life threatening than what it was ages ago when doctors would use crude methods. Modern technology has made delivery less painful unlike in the past wherein a woman is almost wading in her own blood during a delivery, seriously imperiling her life or that of the baby. Through a C-section or a cesarean section, mothers are given the choice as to the kind of...more
Hypnosis For Pain Control in Child Birth by:Roseanna Leaton Hypnosis For Pain Control in Child Birth by:Roseanna LeatonAs a hypnotherapist I often get asked can hypnosis really help with pain control. This question is usually asked by a pregnant mum to be. More and more women these days are choosing to have their children by caesarian and so avoid the pain of natural labor. I find myself wondering if all these women would still do so if they knew how helpful hypnosis can be in relation to pain control and also how easy it is to learn.Scientific research has over the last few years proven the benefits of hypnosis in pain control. In a Meta analysis of the use of hypnosis for pain control the result showed that surgical patients receiving hypnotherapy had better outcomes than 89% of controls. Not only that, the results also showed that people benefitted equally well irrespective of whether the hypnosis was a recorded session or an individual 1:1 live session. (Montgomery GH, David D, Winkel G, Silverstein JH, Bovbjerg DH. "The effectiveness of adjunctive hypnosis with surgical patients: A meta-analysis" Anesth Analg 2002 Jun;94(6):1639-45)Clinical studies have shown that women in both first and second stages of labor who use hypnosis in preparation for the birth have an easier time than those in a...more
Acne - Get Rid of Acne Scars Acne - Get Rid of Acne ScarsAuthor: amandalee        As we all are aware that people facing acne problem become uncertain and frustrated about their acne problem as most of the people are very much skin sensitive.It is quite clear that best way of treating acne is to keep your skin clean. There are many ways through which...more
You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty You're Not Sick, You're ThirstyAuthor: The Water StoreYou're Not Sick, You're ThirstyDon't Treat Thirst with Medication  "Medical professionals of today do not understand the vital roles of water in the human body. Medications are palliatives. They are not designed to cure the degenerative disease of the human...more
The Various Medical Tourism The Various Medical TourismAll you have to do is be willing to travel to a foreign locale, and this very decision opens up a channel for you to access quality medical care in the most easiest and affordable way. Over the past many years now, patients have been traveling to the hubs of medical tourism in order to seek advanced...more
Beat That Yeast Infection In Time For Christmas Beat That Yeast Infection In Time For ChristmasMany yeast infection sufferers dread the onset of the festive period. All that party food; all that drinking; all those you know you shouldnt but you go ahead and do anyway moments, which build up and build up until they manifest themselves in a chronic attack of bloating and bad skin. It is not...more
MEDICAL TOURISM CONDITIONS MEDICAL TOURISM CONDITIONSMEDICAL TOURISM CONDITIONS Helping millions across the world who just can't afford to bear costly versions of this treatment, many hospitals in nations like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and India are turning out to be a ray of hope. All you need to do to get rid of your...more
Do-It-Yourself PR Kits Expand to Help Medical Businesses of Successful PR Campaigns Do-It-Yourself PR Kits Expand to Help Medical Businesses of Successful PR CampaignsDo-It-Yourself PR Kits Expand to Help Medical Businesses of Successful PR Campaigns The JW PR Toolkit for Medical Professionals has been expanded to include even more useful, relevant information, tools, tips and templates on how to capture more business with easy-to-implement PR programs.The...more
How to Get Medical Insurance How to Get Medical InsuranceHow to Get Medical Insurance In this day and age in America, you are not alone if you are not 100% sure on what is going on with your medical insurance. From public health care reform to jobs and employers changing benefits left and right, to downright losing your job and insurance all...more
Leds Used In Test Measurement Medical Science Devices Global Market Forecast And Analysis 2009 2016 Leds Used In Test Measurement Medical Science Devices Global Market Forecast And Analysis 2009 2016This report by Consultants provides the research findings of our study of the worldwide consumption of packaged Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), in Test/Measurement and Medical/Science Devices. This report provides global market data covering the years 2009-2016. The market data are segmented into the...more
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