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Maximum Safety For Your Children With Playground Surfaces

Maximum Safety For Your Children With Playground Surfaces

There are a vast amount of options to consider when choosing a playground surface

, it is imperative that you make the correct decision in order to maximize the safety of the equipment involved. Poor surface result in devastation for any parent, the last thing anyone wants is for their child to be injured when there could have been a preventative measure put in place; children will at some point inevitably fall from some type of playground equipment and the results of their injuries will very much depend on the surface they land on.

The playground you are planning should be out of the way of tree roots, stumps, rocks and any other hazardous debris that could increase the likelihood of injury to children playing in the area. Be certain that there are no dangerous materials around such as broken glass and other sharp objects in the vicinity of the playground equipment. Even the very best playground surfaces will not be effective if the playground area isnt maintained to a correct and safe standard, with a quality surface and these important factors in mind you can allow your children to play freely in the knowledge that they are safe and secure.

There are plenty of materials to consider for your safety surface that will ensure a safe surface for your children to play, these include: pea gravel, shredded rubber, wood chips, sand and even mulch. If you opt for wood chip it is imperative that you ensure there is no chromated copper arsenate involved as this chemical can be a great health hazard. Some of the most effective and widely used options available to provide maximum safety and security are listed below:

A rubber mulch surface is ideal within a playground environment due to it fantastic features which include: elasticity, non-toxicity, and stain resistance. The material does not harden after drying, remaining soft and providing great cushioning for the prevention of injuries. It can be purchased in a whole range of vibrant and fun colours which will provide a great aesthetic appeal to the playground. The odour free surface keeps away weeds and insects from the play area, which is a great bonus.Maximum Safety For Your Children With Playground Surfaces

The option of poured in place surfacing is a cost effective option for securing a number of recreational floors. These surfaces are specifically designed with durability against the toughest of weather conditions and are made with longevity in mind. With this type of surface you will be free from worrying about replacing it year after year and some companies out there even offer the service of customizing the product to compliment the colors and designs of the structures, and most importantly their height.

The grass fill surface is another popular form of a safety surface for children; it is made of nylon yarn and looks exactly like real grass. The surface reduces critical injuries as the result of trips and falls, without the inconvenience of having to mow the area, providing a fresh and trimmed look all year round.

The most comprehensive range of safety surfaces are available within the online marketplace, RTC safety surfaces is a well reputed company and market leader within this type of product. The surfaces they provide comprise of polyurethane and rubber composite which is formed by chemical mixing, wet pouring, leveling, and rolling. This creates a long lasting and aesthetically pleasing surface, allowing you to incorporate any design or logo into the product whilst, most importantly, providing maximum protection for your children. Having successfully provided over 10,000 playgrounds with the most effective safety surfaces, their trusted services and techniques are widely recommended across the UK.

by: Foster Dumaine
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Maximum Safety For Your Children With Playground Surfaces