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Making Hen Ark Plans with Your Kids

Making Hen Ark Plans with Your Kids

Making Hen Ark Plans with Your Kids

I like to have fun when I'm picking my hen ark plans for my chickens. I have a lot of creative ways I go about picking them and I would like to share some of them with you. Because of the particular challenges each rancher faces they should remember these are suggestions and a way to have fun not hard and fast rules when choosing your hen ark plans.

When I think of my hen ark plans, I visualize (some call it day dreaming) about the way my ark will look with all my chickens running around, feeding, and roosting. I also like to think of the landscaping in the background and how my hen ark plans will fit in with the landscape. For back yard chicken ranchers the visualizing could be more important than a larger chicken rancher because you have more limitations on the square footage you are able to use.

Let's take the smaller hen ark plans of a back yard chicken rancher. I would like to recommend a fun day field trip with your kids and visit a few different ranches in your area and get some new ideas on what can be used in a scaled down version for some hen ark plans in your back yard. Most kids love to spend time with animals and get involved with naming them, taking care of them, and planning where they will live. When kids know the reason for their field trip is to get ideas to raise chickens in their very own backyard, they get very excited and the whole day is an adventure.

If you listen to the ideas that the kids share you will get some great ideas for your hen ark plans. When you want some great visualizing you can always count on kids for some fantastic ideas that you might not have thought of yourself. Remember to give them some basic things to look for like the different shapes of hen ark plans they like and how the different shapes might fit in your back yard. Have them try and figure out how many chickens could fit in your back yard ark. Give the kids a check off list and let them see how many things they can find.

One of the biggest choices the kids and adults love is decorating. Picking colors and amenities is so much fun. Because a smaller ark can be built faster than a large ark, you can be more creative and add a lot of extras. Things like different shapes for your windows, a crazy looking roof (crazy looking but not poorly built), or a funny paint scheme. The nesting boxes can be another place for creativity. Walk ways or plank ways can be added and painted in different colors.

I would recommend having as much fun as possible picking and decorating your hen ark plans with your family. The raising of some family pets can be some great teaching lessons in so many different areas for your children. The bonus of having fresh eggs is great too! guest:  register | login | search     IP( Virginia / Ashburn Processed in 0.014722 second(s), 6 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 16 , 2837, 956,
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