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Make Sure to do it the Best Way – Break up Advice for Online Relationships

Make Sure to do it the Best Way – Break up Advice for Online Relationships

Author: TW Jackson

Believe it or not, the cyber world is home to many very real emotional connections. Sometimes the real world steps in and forces your hand though. In these moments you might be looking for the best way or break up advice for online relationships that need to end. Regardless of the reason you're calling it quits there are certain things you need to do in order to provide closure for the relationship and the emotional connection the two of you have together. Because there has been little, if any, face to face contact with your online partner it's often a little more difficult to get that closure. Many people believe that the online connection is much stronger because you nurture it carefully. Others believe it's not quite as strong because it's built on what you are willing to reveal to the other person more than what is actually there. It doesn't really matter if your bond is any stronger or weaker than the next. There is a bond there that needs to be severed as part of the breakup. You need to be prepared for the possible hole it will leave behind in your life. You also need to do a few things for the sake of the other person you've been having the cyber relationship with. Keep these things in mind so you can really do this the best way. Breakup advice for online relationships is hard to find so use this well. Be firm. If you waffle or waver it's open season. Don't do this to yourself or the other person. Don't give false hope. Whether it's the miles between you, the need to get back in the land of the living, or just second thoughts about too many unknowns you need to be firm in your decision before you "present it to the committee." Don't offer any signs of weakness or of changing your mind. It's not fair to put either of you through the pain of breaking up if you're not committed to calling things off. Give an honest answer. Just like local relationships where you break up face to face it's best to be honest. Don't give a fake reason for breaking up or calling things off. You've poured out your heart in email, chat windows, instant messages, and light night conversations via web cam. This is not the time to start clamming up or to hide behind the anonymity of the Internet. Don't expect it to be easy. You might think that it will be easier because it isn't face to face. The truth is that it will not be easier for either of you. It will especially be difficult for the person on the other end who you do, or did at one time, have feelings for. Be prepared for the possibility of unexpected pain on your end as well as the other person in the equation. About the Author:

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Make Sure to do it the Best Way – Break up Advice for Online Relationships Pombia