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Make Money Online With Free Website Traffic

Make Money Online With Free Website Traffic

A year later Mary has her own business online, creating baby scrapbooks. She places a link to "how to start a home business online" on her own website, telling her readers how she got started in her own home business.

How To Get Organic Traffic.

To get Organic Traffic your site must come up in the search engines for the specific search words people place in their browsers to find something online.

The job of a good search engine is to deliver the most relevant information, requested by the search words.

Links from relevant Authority Sites

There are certain sites online that are recognised by the major search engines as well established Authority Sites. Links from these authority sites recommending your site to their readers will greatly help your own sites reputation in the search engines - pushing your site up in the search results.

The emphasis here is on quality not quantity. Avoid using link exchange programs - paid for links and link farms. These will do more harm than good.

Avoid the Time Wasting Methods to Generate Free Traffic

Surely the object to get traffic to our sites is to get real people to view our sites and offers.

There are many programs that lead webmasters and affiliates to believe that if you get clicks on your site you are getting real visitors.

Scam artists have recognised the potential in supplying the solution to the #1 problem facing online businesses "getting traffic to their websites" the other hot product is "Making Money Online".

There are a multitude of shonky "Surfing Programs" also called "Paid to Click" or "Paid to read", passing themselves off as Free Traffic Generators.

These programs promise the people who want to make money online that they will be paid a certain $ figure for each website view. Or a trade off - you view 1 website and your website will be viewed twice. The people who take part in these programs are motivated by income or traffic to their own sites. To get the maximum potential for their time they surf through the sites they are given to view as fast as possible.

These programs are free to join and hoards of people join them daily. The scammers that promote these programs make their money by selling the members email addresses and/or selling guaranteed visitors to your sites.

I have tried a few of these programs - Free and Paid - and found them to be a total waste of time.

Posting or auto submitting to free advertising sites is also a total waste of time - who goes to a page full of links to other pages, of their own free will? Besides the ads you place only stay visible for a few minutes - another total time waster.

Safe Lists - were you agree to read emails in exchange to have other people read your emails. Would you seriously read thousands of emails that came into your inbox? I sure wouldn't, so I don't expect my emails would get read by anyone with two cents worth of intelligence.

Auto Submission Software - usually - not in all cases - they should be called SPAM BOTS - enough said?

Good Free Traffic Generating Programs

There are some very Good Free Traffic Generating Programs for sale online. Ones that will really Make Money Online for you through the sales of products offered on your websites. All the good traffic generators work along the principles I outlined above and create "Organic Traffic"

A lot of these genuine free traffic generating programs entail the learning of SEO [Search Engine Optimization] techniques - keyword research - a lot of testing - experimentation and the necessity to purchase other relatively expensive programs to do all of the above.

In Conclusion

It is really worthwhile to seriously research the best method of generating free website traffic. Getting prospective customers to your websites is the life blood of your online business.

Organic Free Traffic is equally important for Affiliates and Vendors/Merchants. Anyone promoting anything online needs real visitors to their sites. Visitors who are interested in what your site has to offer.

Avoid the time wasting methods of free traffic generation methods, promoted by the scammers.

Choose a Free Traffic Generation Program that matches your skill set. Find out what additional costs are involved in utilizing the program before purchasing.

To see the results comparing useful Free Website Traffic as opposed to useless free traffic generation methods view the video at: MakeMoneyOnline | FreeWebsiteTraffic


Katarina Jellinek.

Katarina Jellinek [Kitty], invites you to view a video comparing useful Free Website Traffic as opposed to useless free traffic generation methods at:

Find out how you can generate Free Website Traffic today.
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Make Money Online With Free Website Traffic