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Major Causes of Car Collisions by:Rainier Policarpio

Major Causes of Car Collisions by:Rainier Policarpio

The prevailing dangers on our roadways are in fact the most dreaded cause of car

collisions and accidents that lead to serious injuries and fatalities among the victims.

In fact, in Los Angeles alone, an alarming number of car collision cases have been reported during the last few years resulting to great damages to lives and properties. Thus, no one may declare that he is completely safe from accidents despite his abidance of the traffic rules and other precautionary measures.

Here are some of the major causes of car collisions and accidents:

Driver incompetence - a great number of drivers lack the proper training on road safety. Many of them even defy the traffic regulations such as tail gaiting, over speeding and many more road rules that tend to protect the motorists, including them, from harm.
Major Causes of Car Collisions by:Rainier Policarpio

DUI driving or intoxication - driving a car after drinking liquor excessively is very dangerous for it impair driving capabilities. Thus, the law strictly prohibits the too much intake of alcohol or other illegal substances especially when driving a car.

Distractions - motorists are expected to exercise extreme concentration in driving. However, so many distractions tend to divert their attentions and make their driving too risky. Examples are active discussions with the passengers; improper use of cell phones; loud car stereos and many others.

Heavy rains - weather is also a great factor in a safe road travel. The studies show that many car accidents happen during bad weather conditions - making the road surfaces slippery and affecting clear visibility.

Poor road design - the state has the obligation to make sure that our roadways are properly designed and safe for public use. However, there are times that this responsibility is not taken into account and not strictly administered.

As the government sets up road safety signs and equipment, it should always take into priority that these never, in any cases, would cause any unlikely incidents, which put the lives of many individuals at stake.

Vehicle defects - motorists and car owners should never fail to have an overall check up on the vehicle's mechanical and technical aspects. Doing these precautions surely lessens the chances of road catastrophes, which are primarily caused by vehicle defects.

Meanwhile, it has been an accepted idea that it is certainly not an assurance or a guarantee that you're being disciplined and extra careful can refrain you from experiencing and encountering road accidents and disasters.

Yet, the law prescribes that a person who has been injured due to somebody's neglect can afford to file a personal injury claim and demand for such fitting damages.

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