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Magento: The Fastest Growing E-commerce Shopping Cart

Magento: The Fastest Growing E-commerce Shopping Cart


Magento is a very popular Open Source e-commerce software that is already empowering more than 60000 e-commerce businesses and has been downloaded more than 2 billion times. What is the secret for its huge popularity?

Open Source Benefits:

As an open source software, Magento shopping cart offers the following benefits:
Magento: The Fastest Growing E-commerce Shopping Cart

It can be downloaded free.

Developers of Magento can create add-ons to the original software to build custom shopping carts for ecommerce business.

The code can be viewed to understand the software logic for each user interface development.

Besides the obvious advantages of its open source framework, some other special advantages of Magento ecommerce are:

Layered navigation: With the help of this feature, customers can filter their search. In other words, the layered navigation feature helps consumers to narrow down the search results.

Upsell and cross-sell: During the final checkout on item, other selling items can also be placed on Magento shopping cart. This module helps in cross-selling even before selling one product.

Magentos Dynamic User Interface: There is an advanced AJAX interface in Magento CMS that automatically updates shipping and billing. The whole calculation happens in background such that customer can see the final result without refreshing the page.

Pre-selected shipping methods and default payment: The shipping method and default payments can be set for Magento on a prior basis which, in turn, saves your final payment time.

Multi-websites and multi-store functionality: Multiple websites can be managed from Magento Commerce and you can create multiple stores in Magento. Suppose, you have three kinds of products: software, movies and music. You can book two domains like and Both of these sites can be maintained by Magento.

Customized layout: The layout for Magento can be customized by modifying the CSS. The .PHTML that holds the header structure of the page, can also be adjusted so that every online merchant can personalize the look and feel for his site.

Extensions through Magento modules: Magento has a number of free and paid extensions that can perform several tasks like earning points for consumers, providing live chat and customer support, running a newsletter service, adding links to Facebook and more.

Due to Magentos customization abilities and integrated shopping cart solutions, online merchants are relying on Magento. There are also plenty of Magento templates available according to your industry that you can download and customize in your own Magento CMS.

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