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Looking For A Personalised Money Box For My Daughter

Looking For A Personalised Money Box For My Daughter

Since the arrival of my first child, my life has been changed in so many ways

. As all parents know, having a child is the most rewarding and wonderful thing you can imagine and you will want to do everything that you possibly can to cherish and protect your child. There are the difficulties which we all know about, such as sleepless nights and twenty four worry, but the positives are far greater. Children are also expensive and there are so many occasions which require gifts, that it becomes hard to find something suitable. At the moment I am looking for a personalised money box for my eldest daughter.

I know that these days, children want anything that is electronic, expensive and computer related but I started a tradition many years ago, where I always give my children something personalised for their birthday. It started off with a small T shirt I bought for my daughters first birthday, upon which I had had her name printed along with a message. Everybody who saw it was enchanted and thought that it made a lovely gift and to this day, I still have that t shirt packed away safely in the attic.

As she grew older I made sure that on each birthday I managed to find something which I could personalise for her. Then when we had our second child, I decided that I wanted to do the same for her too and since then it has become a popular thing in our house. In fact my children do actually treasure these gifts, even if they cannot admit it out loud now that they are teenagers.

My second daughter was given a lovely gift from her grandmother last year and now my oldest wants something similar for her birthday. It was sent to her from a particular money box UK company which specialised in novel designs of money boxes for children. These come in so many different styles and colours and there is so much variety that even the fussiest child will be able to find something which appeals to him or her.Looking For A Personalised Money Box For My Daughter

In the case of my eldest daughter, even though she likes to think of herself as all grown up and above liking anything that her peers will not approve of, she likes to receive some things which are pretty and girlish. At the moment she is going through a dark Goth phase and wants everything to be black or purple.

This particular company which I have been dealing with has the perfect gift for her and it is something which I am hoping will make her happy. Once I have managed to get all the details sorted out, she will have the most beautiful personalised money box in the colours which she favours. As the company only sells online, I have to rely on pictures and descriptions sent by the company, so I hope they are reliable. There will be nothing worse than seeing the disappointed face of a child.

by: Robert
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