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Look Good and Keep Cool with a Kaftan by:Bailey Hopes

Look Good and Keep Cool with a Kaftan by:Bailey Hopes

When you go on holiday it can be really hard to keep yourself cool and look great at the same time

. Many women opt for a sun dress to do this but these can sometimes be too fussy and are difficult to put on and take off around the pool. One item of clothing that is really popular as cruisewear with women of all ages is a kaftan.

Unlike a sarong or a sun dress a kaftan is usually made out of much lighter material, which means that the wearer stays cooler for longer. There is also the added attraction that a kaftan is meant to be worn quite large, so there should be plenty of material to spare on it. This means that the woman who is wearing it will not feel as though she is in a garment that is too tight or restrictive. A kaftan looks very much like a dress which has sleeves and is made from very light and airy material. This makes them perfect for wearing in hot weather as they do not overheat the wearer or make them feel as though they have too much on.

As a kaftan is so easy to put on and take off it is the ideal type of clothing to wear around the pool. You simply slip it on like a night dress and take it off in the same way. As they are made from light material they will also dry out quickly if they become wet. So there is no problem if you get splashed by someone in the pool.

A kaftan can come with long or short sleeves and it is down to the individual to decide which style they prefer. In addition to this there are even kaftan's that are available which can be worn at night time. This type of kaftan will tend to be in a pretty printed material and they sometimes have jewelled necklines to add a further touch of glamour. If you are planning on wearing such a garment at night it is a good idea to wear a suitable slip underneath as they can tend to be a little see through.
Look Good and Keep Cool with a Kaftan by:Bailey Hopes

You can even get a smaller kaftan to fit your children. Most children love to be dressed in these brightly patterned garments and they also help to protect a child from the rays of the sun. So it is a good idea to get your child to wear a kaftan if they are in the hot sun whilst you are on holiday. This type of resortwear is hugely popular right now and plenty of children will wear such an outfit whilst they are on holiday.

Regardless of whether you want a kaftan for cruisewear or resortwear they are great to pack in your suitcase. They do not weigh much and you can pack plenty in even a small holdall. So if you want to look good and keep cool while you are on holiday you should opt for a kaftan.

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