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Locating The Best Houston Tummy Tuck Doctor

Locating The Best Houston Tummy Tuck Doctor

Houston contains an array of high-quality clinics that perform cosmetic surgery of all types

. The tummy tuck procedure is a major operation that should be performed only after major consideration of both the patient and doctor. Houston tummy tuck surgery, also called abdominoplasty, is completed by surgically removing excessive skin and fat in the abdominal region. This procedure is major and invasive and requires careful preparation at all phases of the operation.

The most likely candidates for this severe form of elective surgery are persons who have pronounced fat and skin in their lower abdominal area (especially women who have had children or have developed lower ab body fat after their late 20s). The lower body lift may be in order for those persons to recover the tighter or healthier looking lower waist profile of their younger years. Recipients of the tummy tuck report trimmer physiques, and a much happier personal self-image upon flattening out the lower abdomen, particularly if they have tried to produce that result for years through exercise and healthy living alone.

Houston body contouring operations of this scale come at a price, however, typically resulting in significant scarring in the abdominal area. The operation usually leaves a long horizontal scar across the waist and this scar will be visible forever. The best way to minimize scarring is to minimize the amount of skin removed from the abdomen. Therefore a tummy tuck requires careful consideration of how much body improvement is really needed. If you are undertaking other procedures, it's possible the tuck can be performed at the same time, ultimately resulting in only one post op period to recover from.

You should review the credentials of a plastic surgery clinic offering a Houston tummy tuck before you consider being operated on. In this particular case, ensuring that the surgeon involved carries a certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery would be a very good idea.

You should also verify your surgeon is licensed to practice medicine in the state and has no open cases against them. Talk to your doctor to obtain a workup to determine your own health and other history that may be relevant to deciding about whether to get a lower body lift.

by: Dr. Steven Ross
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Locating The Best Houston Tummy Tuck Doctor